2012 with Sharp Football Analysis – New and Fresh Weekly Pod w/ Krackman + Other Client Benefits

Click HERE to purchase a 2012 Season Package from Sharp Football Analysis.  Want to read up on why its a smart decision?   Sit back, get comfortable and prepare to get excited, because there isn’t anything on the market available for you to purchase to even closely resemble or compare to what I plan to bring you in 2012!

Each year I bring something new and better to the table than I did the year before.

In 2011 I brought a brand new website w/ a countdown timer and auto-email play releases, plus CFB totals for the first time (which hit 60% in 2011).  I also offered big savings to my “MVP” long term clients and prior year clients.

None of that will change in 2012.  But I’m really excited to introduce two new benefits to clients this year:

1) A client-only podcast featuring Vegas sharks and industry insiders
2) A client-only FREE Season Package Twitter giveaway contest

1) Client Only “Vegas Shark Tank” Saturday Podcast – featuring Vegas Legends and Wiseguys including “Krackman”

The last couple of years, my network has grown considerably.  My plays are being used by syndicate betting groups.  I’m working closely with some of Vegas’ largest and most respected sports bettors.  I’ve made a radio and podcast guest numerous times and have been interviewed for internet media articles.  As a result, I have a very good network of information sources.  So I’m tapping into that network for this Podcast.

What it Is:  A fast paced, Client Only podcast available on Saturday afternoon/evening which cuts out all of the industry news, opinion and rhetoric, and just gets you the bets and the reasoning from both myself and my guests.  A staple guest on this podcast will be “Krackman”, one of Las Vegas’ best known bettors, who has appeared numerous times on Chad Millman’s ESPN Behind the Bets podcast.  Krackman will provide opinion and share some of his personal wagers.  You’ll also hear from many people in my inner circle of contacts, who work in the industry and have great information and opinion.  These guests include sports book managers, other professional bettors/handicappers, radio hosts and other members of the sports betting media.

What it Isn’t:  A long, drawn out discussion of the sports betting industry.  It isn’t a 1 hr long podcast.  And it also isn’t a discussion of other sports.  It’s Saturday night, your time is valuable, and you just want to hear what the bets are for Sunday and reasons to support them.  On Saturday evening, you don’t care about or have time for the rest of that generic “background”, and you won’t get that here.  Lastly and most importantly, it isn’t going to be available to you unless you’re a Sharp Football Analysis client.

Receiving this highly valuable information straight from the mouth of some of Vegas’ best and most respected sports bettors may be reason alone to subscribe to Sharp Football Analysis in 2012, but it’s certainly not the only reason:

2) Twitter Hashtag Contest for FREE Season Package

Click HERE for the details, but the bottom line is simple.   When you buy a season package now thru September 3rd, you have a shot at getting a 100% refund and the entire 2012 season package for FREE.  I’m giving away 4 FREE season packages, 1 each Tuesday (8/14, 8/21, 8/28 and 9/4).  So the earlier you purchase, the earlier you can enter and the more likely you will be to get the entire 2012 season absolutely FREE from Sharp Football Analysis.  Rules and Details

As for other reasons to buy a season package:

  •     Early Bird Savings to Save you $$$
  •     Winningest NFL Program in Circulation
  •     Zero Losing Seasons
  •     Earned Professional Trust
  •     Moving Lines and Getting Line Value for Clients
  •     Access to Pre-Season Trend Charts AND Regular Season Wins (RSW) Analysis
  •     Access to All Blog Entries Researched for 2012
  •     Best Value on the Market: Price
  •     The ONLY Service Guaranteed to BEAT 58% or 125% of Your Money Back
  •     State of the Art Play Delivery
  •     Live, Real Time Monitoring

Early Bird Savings to Save you $$$

Early Bird Savings in 2012 will save you significant money, but are only active thru Monday, August 27th.  So don’t miss out this free money or you’ll be kicking yourself later.

Winningest NFL Program in Circulation

6 years, 740 NFL plays, 60% wins – Numbers speak much louder than words, and these numbers speak volumes.

Zero Losing Seasons

Since 2006 when I started predicting results, I’ve never had a losing year.

Earned Professional Trust

Over years of hard work, I’ve been proud to say I’ve received endorsements from one of the most outspoken and honest professional sports bettors in the world, Bill “Krackman” Krackomberger, as well as infamous internet poster “Members”, and my plays are used by various syndicate betting groups.  I’ve appeared on ESPN’s “Behind the Bets” with Chad Millman, Ken Thompson of SportsXRadio and Cantor Gaming in Las Vegas, and have positive references from many industry insiders.  My hard work and detailed analysis has led to winning selections and recommendations that are well respected and received in the industry.

Moving Lines and Getting Line Value for Clients

I don’t wait to see what the Vegas Wiseguys and Sharps do to the market before releasing my plays.  Because those Wiseguys and Sharps are working with me, and when I start to release my totals on Tuesday, the market adjusts.  As you can see for yourself on my records page, you don’t have to take my word for it:  My clients were able to beat the closing number on 77% of my totals releases.  For example, I’ll pull back the curtain to last season’s Week 4 on these totals plays (using CRIS to measure closing #s):

NYJ Over 40, Closed 43, Line value = +3.0, Result = Win
SD Under 45.5, Closed 45, Line value = +0.5, Result = Win
Ten Over 38, Closed 37.5, Line value = -0.5, Result = Win
Sea Under 41, Closed 39, Line value = +2.0, Result = Loss

I certainly won’t every totals wager (60% lifetime), but we will generally get the best of the number, which we did 77% of the time in 2011.  To close the season last year, from weeks 13 thru the playoffs, clients beat the closing number on 27 totals and lost to the closing number on just 7 totals.  That’s a positive closing line value success rate of 79%!

Access to Pre-Season Trend Charts AND Regular Season Wins (RSW) Analysis

I have shared w/ clients in the past some very handy and useful Pre-Season Trend Charts, but this is the first season I am sharing my RSW analysis.  Backed by trends showing strong historical success, I lay out multiple selections and reasons why these are historically accurate positions.

Access to All Blog Entries Researched for 2012

This summer I spent time researching top spots for every single team, and what weeks these very strong trends are active.  I broke it down division by division.  In addition, I performed some solid analysis on teams featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  While these items were free to view up until now, starting today they are only available to clients.

Best Value on the Market: Price

The last 2 seasons I’ve averaged just over 260 plays/yr, between totals and sides.  That equates to $1.80/play at early bird prices of $474, and long term, regular clients are paying just over $1.50/play.

How many services do you know that charge just $1.80/play?  None.  Most average $20 and more per play, or long term packages that may bring it down to $8-$10/play.  Whats more, how many have never suffered a losing season and average a lifetime win rate of 60% from their computer program and 59% from their personal plays?

The ONLY Service Guaranteed to BEAT 58% or 125% of Your Money Back

Very few services will offer occasional weekly refunds on poor weeks.  But no one in the industry will guarantee they will BEAT 58% or will give you 125% back.  But I’m so confident in my abilities and my network that I’m willing to make that offer without hesitation.

State of the Art Play Delivery

Release times of plays will be pre-announced via email and twitter, so everyone is ready.  Countdown timer will be set on the website and when it hits zero, the play(s) is displayed and simultaneously the system will auto-email the play(s) to your inbox.

Live, Real Time Monitoring

Can you trust someone who uses a 3rd party to provide “results” of a handicapper’s bet 1 to 2 days after the game is over?  I can’t.  I’ve even used a service like that before and realized there’s nothing “transparent” or “honest” about it.  The only way to monitor a service is to actually see their bets just after the game has started, and track them.  I started using this live, real time monitoring last year and it was extremely well received, so I’m continuing to display all plays after the start of the game on my records page for 100% transparent documentation.


To view all the packages I’m offering in 2012, including combo packages featuring NFL + CFB, as well as introductory “half season” NFL packages, and everything in between, click HERE.

I look forward to having you on board this season and delivering my 7th straight winning season.