Bettor’s Sidekick is HERE – The Indispensable Sportsman’s App

I’m proud to share a new delivery to the iTunes store, the Bettor’s Sidekick sports betting app.

This app is FREE to download and will become a daily, invaluable tool for sports enthusiasts and sports bettors of all sizes.  Some of its features which will help you before, during and after games:


  • View Live Lines from sportsbooks
  • View Public Bet Percentages
  • View Injury, Weather and TV information (DirecTV station listing for all games)
  • Edit Bankroll information
  • Use Bankroll tools to place wagers, including automatic “% of Bankroll” and full/half Kelly Criterion calculations (Note: the app does NOT place real bets for you)
  • Receive alerts


  • View Live Scoring Updates
  • Live In-Game Bet Win Percentages
  • Categorize view by all-games, only placed bets, or favorites


  • View Bankroll Changes
  • View/Download Archived Bet History
  • View Bet Trends
  • View User Rankings
  • Tweet your Wins

There are MANY additional features which will be rolled into the app throughout the fall and into the winter.  This app is backed by several significant parties in the sports betting universe and has been designed with you, the sports bettor in mind.

With the free download version, you are able to view in-game information for 2 games in each sport, each day.

As of mid-December, only Football lines are available (NFL+CFB) but by early January, Basketball will be available as well (NBA+CBB).

This is just a start, the development and future of the app is virtually limitless.  Check it out and you’ll find that you become a better bettor when you use Bettor’s Sidekick!