Buffalo Bills “Officially” are a Pathetic Bunch, Spreading False Info and Self Pity

As mentioned by Tim Graham, the Buffalo Bills have openly complained their “Official” team website of BuffaloBills.com, that their schedule is unfair and they are at a “decided disadvantage” in 2013, as in years past.”

They open by saying last year, the Bills had to play 4 games where their opponent had extra rest in 5 weeks, and the team went 1-3 in those 4 games.  As if that was the sole reason the team was a terrible 6-10 last year.

Their 6-10 record didn’t have anything to do with the fact the team sported the 27th ranked defense in efficiency, 31st against the run, 31st on 3rd down, gave up the 5th most explosive rush plays, and was 31st in red zone defense (allowing TDs on 69% of drives!).

It was simply because of “those darn schedule makers”.  By the way, please DON’T look at the fact that last year, the Bills faced the 3rd EASIEST schedule of opponent’s offenses in the league.  And certainly don’t look at the fact that the Bills played 9 of their 16 games vs. teams who were below .500 at the time of their game, which was the 2nd MOST “losing” opponents in the entire league (the only team who played more “losing” teams at the time of their game than the Bills was the Raiders, who played 10).

Let’s ignore all of that, and blame the Bills’ failures on their “tough schedule”, without even looking at the rest of the league to see what kind of schedule they faced and how they performed vs. their schedule.

So let’s just outright IGNORE the fact that there were 3 teams last year who faced an even or MORE difficult schedule than the Bills last year, and two of those teams MADE THE PLAYOFFS and finished with 11+ wins in the regular season.

Last Season

Below is a chart of last year’s data:

As you can see, the Bills tied for 3rd in that its opponents had the 3rd most average rest prior to games with the Bills.  However, also tied for 3rd were the Seahawks, who actually faced 5 teams with more rest than Seattle (vs. only 3 for the Bills).  Not to mention the distances the Seahawks had to travel being located in the Pacific Northwest put them at an even larger disadvantage.  Also playing vs. teams with more rest than the Bills were the Falcons.

Yet both the Falcons and the Seahawks finished with 13 and 11 wins respectively, and made runs into the playoffs.  They took a tough situation and still achieved success.

Meanwhile, the Bills finished 6-10 in a failed season, and now on their official website blames the NFL schedulers for their troubles.

Last Few Seasons

Above is a chart looking at the same data but since 2009.  There are a number of conclusions that can be made from the chart:

1.  The Bills did not finish better than 6-10 from 2009-2011, despite between the 6th easiest schedule for opponent rest (2009) and a middle-of-the-road average (2010, 2011).

2.  In all 3 seasons, the Bills had more (or even) net games with added rest than their opponent, yet still finished 6-10 twice and 4-12 once.

Clearly, having more rest than their opponent did not result in more wins for the Bills.

3.  In all 3 seasons (2009, 2010, 2011) the teams who had the top 3rd HARDEST schedules in terms of facing opponents with extra rest ALL FINISHED WITH BETTER (OR EQUAL) RECORDS THAN THE BILLS.

4.  Several teams appear in the top 3 multiple times the last 4 years, but recorded decent overall records:

  • The Falcons make the list of the top 3 hardest schedules for opponent rest in 2012 and 2009, yet finished with records of 13-3 and 9-7 in these seasons.
  • The Seahawks make the list in 2012 and 2010, yet finished with records of 11-5 and 7-9 in these seasons.

5.  Every season, at least 1 playoff team comes out of the group of the teams who face opponents with the most rest of any team in the NFL, so it is no excuse for having a bad record:

  • 2012 – Falcons and Seahawks
  • 2011 Saints
  • 2010 Colts
  • 2009 Ravens


The Buffalo Bills team officially complains that this year that they are the only team in the league playing in 5 games against teams having more rest than they have.  That’s not exactly true:

The Falcons, after playing 4 games vs teams with more rest than them in 2012 (more than the Bills), play 5 games this year in this situation, the same as the Bills.  Both the Bills and Falcons have more rest than 2 of their opponents, thus a “net” of -3 for both.

This season, the Texans also play 4 games vs. teams with more rest than they have, but they only have 1 game where they have more rest than their opponents.  Thus, the Falcons, Texans and Bills are the 3 teams who have a “net” of -3 games this season.

You really have to read the rest of the article on BuffaloBills.com to see how they whine, moan and cry about their schedule.

I highly doubt they wrote an article in 2009, when they faced the 6th EASIEST schedule in this respect, yet still finished 6-10.

The bottom line is every year, several teams play with this “disadvantage”.  And every year, these teams finish with records equal to or BETTER THAN the Bills, despite how much easier the Bills schedule is on a rest basis.

The Bills won 33% of their games from 2009 thru 2011 despite having more rest than their opponents and ranking high in the league based on their schedule.  There are simply no more excuses the Bills can make for their lack of performance.

When you have teams like the Falcons and Seahawks who face harder schedules and both make the playoffs last year, it’s time to shut your mouth and just play football.

Spreading mis-information and outright mis-truths on the official team website is a juvenile and pitiful way of trying to set up excuses when the team fails in 2013.  If the Bills did any research, they’d find that other teams face longer odds every year and succeed.

The Bills have officially donned the “woe is me” attitude before a single snap and insult the the good, hard working, blue collar people of Buffalo, who face tough challenges on a daily basis and SUCCEED, rather than FAIL year in, year out, and set up excuses for FAILURE (based on a lack of research) well before its even time to perform.

Buffalo, your Bills are run by a pathetic bunch and your excuse making and self pity is clearly management driven, from the official team website on down.