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Analyzing NFL Preseason Scoring: Are More Points Being Scored?

You can’t watch a preseason game without visually and audibly noticing the increased number of flags.  Anytime one flies, the announcers harp on it as well.  Most people seem hate it, others don’t care.

Personally, I’m tired of officials using too much discretion in what they call.  They have 1 set of criteria for the preseason (extra tight), then 1 set in the regular season (a bit looser) and then 1 set in the playoffs (very loose, few flags).  I’d rather see all penalties accurately called, and if rules need changed to get the right mix in place, change the rules.

The question becomes, we’re seeing more defensive pass penalties, so are we seeing more points, too?  The answer is not as clear cut as you may expect:

Thru 2 weeks, we are seeing more ppg than we saw in 2012 or 2013, however, that is solely because we’ve had multiple “outlier” games with ridiculous scoring.

What we are NOT seeing are “overs” hit.  Thru 2 weeks, only 42% of preseason totals went “over”, as compared to 60% and 56% the prior 2 preseasons.  The reason we’re seeing more ppg on average is because we’ve had 7 games with 55+ points scored.  If you COMBINE the prior 2 preseasons, you don’t see 7 games TOTAL hit that ppg level in the first 2 weeks.

  • 2014: Games w 55+ pts =7
    • Avg ppg of 55+ games = 65 ppg
    • Avg ppg of < 55 pt games = 35 ppg in 26 games
    • Highest scoring 2 games:  80 pts (CIN/KC), 77 pts (NE/PHI)
  • 2013: Games w 55+ pts =3
    • Avg ppg of 55+ games = 62 ppg
    • Avg ppg of < 55 pt games = 37 ppg in 30 games
    • Highest scoring 2 games: 64 pts (IND/BUF), 61 pts (CHI/SD)
  • 2012: Games w 55+ pts =3
    • Avg ppg of 55+ games = 62 ppg
    • Avg ppg of < 55 pt games = 36 ppg in 30 games
    • Highest scoring 2 games: 64 pts (WAS/CHI), 63 pts (JAC/NYG)

As such, we’re actually seeing the vast majority of games have FEWER points than in the past couple of seasons.  But boosting the average are several outlier games with well over 55+ being scored (80, 77, etc).

The real test will be Week 3, starting Thursday, when starters play into the 3rd quarter.

  • 2013 week 3 games saw avg total of 42.5, avg ppg of 45, 9 overs & 7 unders.
  • 2012 week 3 games saw avg total of 41.5, avg ppg of 45.5, 9 overs & 7 unders.

Currently the week 3 games which begin on Thursday are lined with an avg 44.3 total, well above anything we’ve seen the past couple of seasons.

Click Graphic to Enlarge