Chicago Bears New Hire: Jared Allen’s Sack Rate vs Other Sack Leaders

I wrote earlier about the disappearance of the sack artist.  But with Jared Allen signing with the Chicago Bears and NOT with the Seattle Seahawks (as was actually reported previously this week) I decided to compare him with his own history as well as with the current players in the top 500 NFL sack leaders.

Allen started slowly in 2005 and 2006 (I didn’t include his rookie year of 2004, he only started 10 games) but made his mark quite conveniently in 2007, his last year before his contract expired.  His 3.4% sack rate was by far his largest and vastly exceeded other top sack artists in 2007, such as E. Dumervil, J. Taylor, M. Williams, D. Ware, etc.

From 2008 thru 2010, Allen’s sack rate declined each season, but it still averaged right around his peers at the top of the NFL career sack list.

In 2011, Allen had a season that perhaps cemented him as one of, if not the best in the business as it currently exists.  His 4.09% sack rate is 7th best of all the top sack leaders in NFL history and was the best since Michael Strahan’s 4.32% in the 2001 record breaking season.

However, perhaps the Seahawks saw similar things as this analysis shows the past two seasons.  Allen’s sack rate dropped well below the other sack leaders the last two years, and both years were his worst since the 2006 season.

As you can see, his 4 year moving average trendline peaked in 2011 and the steep decline the last two years has a much steeper slope as compared to the green dashed line which is the same 4 year trendline for the sack leaders as a whole.

In addition, notice in the below graphic the significantly downward slope of the red trendline which removes the 2011 season from the mix.  As I mentioned earlier, the 2011 season cemented Allen as a sack artist, but his performance recently should be a slight cause for concern, particularly his 1.77% sack rate and 11.5 sacks during a contract season that was 2013.

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