How the 2024 NFL Schedule Hurts the Los Angeles Chargers

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Warren Sharp’s rest disparity analysis of the 2024 NFL Schedule. Click here to read the full article.

The Chargers and Colts are the only teams in the NFL to play zero games against an opponent on a short week.

In the 25 years since 2000, this is the first time for that to occur in the NFL schedule.

And it occurs twice this year.

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But not only are the Chargers given the short end of the stick, but they must play six teams who have over a week to prepare for the game:

  • 6 games vs teams on extra rest
  • 0 games vs teams on short rest

This is the only time for something this imbalanced to occur since 2000.

Meanwhile, a team like the Patriots this year plays the following:

  • 0 games vs teams on extra rest
  • 3 games vs teams on short rest

So the Patriots are +3 to the good while the Chargers are -6 to the bad.

That can’t possibly be balanced scheduling.

Those six games where Chargers opponents have more than standard rest:

  • Week 7 at Arizona on MNF
  • Week 8 vs. New Orleans (Saints are off a Thursday game)
  • Week 11 vs. Cincinnati (Bengals are off a Thursday game)
  • Week 12 vs. Ravens on MNF
  • Week 13 at Atlanta (Falcons are off a bye)
  • Week 14 at Kansas City (Chiefs are off a Friday game)

Keep in mind, the Chargers have a Week 5 bye.

And that bye is the only week the Chargers have more rest than their opponent all season.

So every one of these opponent extra rest games occurs after their own bye.

From Week 8 on, the Chargers are at a -17-day rest deficit throughout the remainder of the season as compared to their opponent.

That is the largest rest deficit in the NFL from Week 8 on when rest matters most.