Anytime & First Touchdown Scorer Bets: Picks & Predictions, Super Bowl 57

Two of the most popular NFL bets this season are First Touchdown Scorer and Anytime Touchdown Scorer.

Every week during the NFL season, our experts will give you their prediction on which player they think will score the first TD for every game.

These prop bets can be difficult to predict but are a fan favorite for many NFL bettors.

What is a first touchdown scorer bet?

To win this bet, you must correctly pick the first player to score the first touchdown in the game —  the first player who receives a touchdown pass or crosses the goal line with the ball.

A touchdown scorer is defined as the player in possession of the ball in the end zone and not the player who throws the TD.

What is an anytime touchdown scorer bet?

To win this NFL bet, you must correctly pick a player who will score a touchdown. Similarly to 1st Touchdown bets, the player is the one who crosses the end zone himself, not the QB who throws to that player.

First & Anytime Touchdown Scorer Predictions & Bets for Super Bowl 57

Eagles vs Chiefs, 1st TD Scorer Bet Prediction Super Bowl 57:

Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs QB) is our pick for the 1st TD Scorer bet in Super Bowl 57.

It is a possibility that Mahomes is the healthier of the two starting quarterbacks, as most reports have indicated that the ankle injury will be nearly resolved with two weeks of rest. Mahomes’ mobility may be overlooked as he limped off the field multiple times on Sunday. The Eagles defense ranks 31st in the league in yards before contact on quarterback runs and Mahomes had four rushing touchdowns in the regular season.

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Eagles vs Chiefs, Anytime Touchdown Scorer Bet Super Bowl 57:

Devonta Smith (Eagles WR) is our pick pick for an anytime TD Scorer bet in Super Bowl 57.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has superior numbers throwing to the left side of the field since the return from his shoulder injury. Smith leads all Eagles receivers in routes run on the left side of the field and has an advantage in red-zone targets over AJ Brown in the last six weeks.

» Bet it now: +150

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