Seahawks Win Total Over/Under for 2022: Why You Should Bet It

Every NFL offseason, Warren Sharp releases his Football Preview Book, which uses expert analysis to break down all 32 teams through in-depth team chapters that are both data driven and actionable.

One of the most popular sections from each team chapter is the Sharp Football team’s write-up on why to bet the Over or Under for a given team.

Seahawks Win Total Over/Under Odds:

How many games will the Seahawks win this season?

The Seahawks are predicted to win 5.5 games in 2022, based on Vegas Odds.

Why You Should Bet the Over: Seahawks Win Total in 2022

#1 Reason to bet the Over:
The Seahawks ran incredibly cold in close games, finishing 2021 with an 0-5 record in games decided by a field goal or less. Jason Myers struggled, making only 74% of field goals attempted — 1.4 field goals below expectation.

Perhaps the poor field goal kicking was part of Pete Carrol’s league-leading 21 punts in opponents’ territory. Either way, the Seahawks are due for regression in close games. 

#2 Reason to bet Over:
Geno Smith was fine as the Seahawks’ starting quarterback when Russell Wilson was out last season. Smith’s -0.0.1 EPA per dropback was just below Wilson’s 0.00 over the course of the season. Smith has also looked better than Drew Lock during the 2022 preseason and should comfortably win the starting job.

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Why You Should Bet the Under: Seahawks Win Total in 2022

#1 Reason to bet the Under:
A significantly harder schedule is on tap for the 2022 Seahawks as the eighth largest jump from 2021. Not only do the Seahawks have the 11th-hardest strength of schedule, but eight games are also against teams ranked in the top 25% of Super Bowl odds. 

#2 Reason to bet the Under:
The departures of Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner signal a shift in organizational direction. The Seahawks organization in the long-term is likely better off playing one of the current quarterbacks on the roster, rather than slightly upgrading at the position.

Armed with multiple draft picks in the opening rounds of the 2023 draft and the third-highest salary cap space, the Seahawks could strategically enter the season with the current options under center. 

#3 Reason to bet the Under:
The Seahawks’ defense remained relatively healthy last year and had the fourth-lowest adjusted games lost to injury yet finished with the seventh-worst passing DVOA and bottom 10 in EPA/db. Forecasted to face a slightly more efficient schedule of passing offenses could become problematic for the Seahawks defense that is under a new coordinator and changing defensive schemes.

» Bet the Seahawks Win Total Under 

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Seattle Seahawks Strength of Schedule:

The Seahawks are ranked #22 out of all 32 teams for NFL Strength of Schedule, giving them a harder than average schedule for the 2022 NFL season.

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