Best Ball Fantasy Strategy: Mixing Player Exposure

We talk a lot in this weekly article about the things that either do or do not translate well from DFS.

If a strategy is good in DFS and also translates, it is an easy transition to start using it effectively in best ball to gain edges.

But It is also important to not just blindly take a strategy that works in one format and implement it in another. That can lead to mistakes.

Best Ball Fantasy Football: Everything You Need to Know

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Use Site ADP to Optimize Player Exposure

One of the oldest DFS strategies is to mix up player exposure based on the price of the player on differing sites. This strategy absolutely translates well to best ball.

Today we are going to compare players at the running back position looking for ways we can gain smart player exposure to our overall portfolio while fading those same players on sites where they are less advantageous.

Keep in mind “fade” does not mean zero! This is very important.

Fading tends to mean less than even weight on a player. Based on many factors you can fade from say 6% all the way down to zero.

You can also be over weight on a player you really like on all three sites but smartly have less on sites where the player is not as good of a value as he is on others.

Next, we need to understand the scoring system for the three sites we are going to cover today.

Underdog is a half-PPR site, so two-down backs gain an advantage while pass catching backs are less effective.

FFPC scoring for running back is full PPR, so pass catchers gain an advantage and two-down backs are less effective.

DraftKings scoring is also full PPR, but you can gain three points for a 100-yard week, which gives two-down backs a way to make up for it being full PPR.

A top back who gets a lot of carries and also catches passes has the opportunity to be truly elite as they are the only players who can hit TWO bonuses on a weekly basis.

This is very important as you consider how to attack the tournament weeks in best ball. Those backs are much more appealing on DraftKings than on the other two sites.

The most important thing I found in doing the research for this article is that in general players are ranked similarly at ADP across all sites, making this strategy incredibly viable.

The field is not taking these factors into account enough, offering opportunities to smart drafters!

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