Week 14 Waiver Wire Targets

‘Tis the season to be jolly.

The smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree links morning memories with youth and yesteryear. Colored lights bouncing off of framed photos and polished furniture and television screens. The local soft-rock radio station switching to all-day Christmas tunes.

I feel jolly. Real jolly.

By now you know your regular season fate. Redraft and Dynasty leagues have now moved into the end game. League championships have been settled in main event and championship tournaments, and now the quest for immortality begins.

This is why we entered. The life-changing prize pools that captured your imagination are about to begin. The slate is virtually wiped clean and all you need is a chip and a chair. Many are the events won by single entry players.

Nobody knows how the next three weeks will play out. All of your off-season strategizing, all of your time invested into this world, all of your preparation and foresight and hard work will now be put to the test against thousands of others doing the same.

The sights, smells, and sounds may seem very peace-time, but make no mistake, war is upon you.

waiver wire QUARTERBACK targets

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