Week 8 Waiver Wire Targets

I like to call this part of the fantasy football year, Shedding Season.

Like the Autumn winds slowly clearing that tree in your yard of its leaves, seven weeks of battle now starts to have its own impact on your rosters.

Bye weeks and injuries are always major players, but now you must also factor in the realities setting in, surrounding the odds of your team making the playoffs. Cutting bait on talented bench-stashes that have yet to get it going seems to be the first wave. 

Some of the best kickers and defenses will be sacrificed when their bye weeks come due, leaving you an opportunity to snipe them from waivers to both improve your roster as well as relax, knowing their post-bye schedule is filled with opponents for the remainder of the season. In its own small way, it’s like gaining an extra bench spot when your team is strengthened for the long haul with post-bye starters.

Teams will be getting desperate now. Unless you are off to a strong start, the time for patience is over.

Take the extra time to slowly go through your league’s waiver wire runs with a fine-toothed comb. Pour a cocktail, settle in and pretend you are opening presents as you scroll down the drop list. 

Bid like there is no tomorrow. With the snap of your fingers, we’ll be in Week 9, then Week 10, and then all of your hoarding of waiver wire funds will be for naught, their value virtually worthless.

waiver wire QUARTERBACK targets

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