Week 16 Waiver Wire Targets

How do I lose thee? Let me count the ways.

Across these United States, fantasy football players from all walks of life are celebrating their good fortune in what was an epic weekend of high performance. Scores reaching the 240-point stratosphere came at the best possible time.

Or worst possible time. 

The old “it’s all relative” phrase comes to mind.

For every winner of a semi-final matchup, there is a loser. Sometimes the winner is you, and the triumphant joy of advancing to a Super Bowl or snatching a big national championship lead is something to absorb deep into your marrow, for it is fleeting. 

For the times when you fall short, just know that this is perhaps how your opponents felt last year when it was you who won. 

Even the painful losses can be embraced. Feeling and respecting what is very much a part of the healthy full-spectrum of life. A warm sunny morning feels so much the better after a dark winter’s chill. Some of the best works of literary and visual art have been inspired by the deepest levels of darkness.

You can find a buried ember deep down in that mountain of black, still smoldering, and can breathe new life into it, reigniting your passion and discipline and focus.

Whichever mood you find yourself in this morning, be sure to take the time necessary to absorb it deeply. This is life. No boredom here, either frustration or elation. This is what makes our game so amazing.

I’ll be turning 50 this week, and when you stop and think, “Wow. I may only be around for 20 or 30 more fantasy football seasons,” it really helps you to savor every little bit of it.

Millions of dollars and eternal bragging rights are on the line. This back-loaded drama is what we all play for. Get out there and win a championship!

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