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You’re probably hearing great things about Warren Sharp’s 2024 Football Preview book but are curious as to what a team chapter looks like and how predictive and helpful it will be heading into next season.

How nice would it be to see some chapters from last year’s book to give you an idea? We’ve got you covered.

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The Packers faced several big questions heading into the 2023 season with the departure of Aaron Rodgers and the transition to Jordan Love as the headliners.

They answered those questions by finishing with a respectable 9-7 record and defeating the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card Round.

Warren Sharp was worried about Green Bay’s quarterback transition in his 2023 Football Preview, but he recommended bettors take the over on their 7.5 win total, which easily hit.

In which areas was Sharp optimistic ahead of the 2023 season?

  • Warren saw potential for success in the team’s patient offensive scheme, taking pressure off of their new quarterback.
  • Warren expected the Packers to improve near the goal line, which they did in a historic way, scoring a touchdown on a staggering 95% of goal-to-go drives.
  • Jordan Love was particularly impressive near the goal line a season ago, ranking 1st among qualified quarterbacks in multiple metrics.
  • Warren correctly predicted the Packers would get off to a hot start. They started the season 6-2.
  • Warren praised coach Matt LaFleur despite a small step back during the 2022 season. He returned to being a top-10 coach in the league in 2023.

You can read Warren’s detailed team chapter preview of the 2023 Green Bay Packers from last year’s book to see exactly what he predicted and what occurred.

» Download the 2023 Packers Team Chapter

So enough with the summarizing, dive right into this exclusive sneak peek of the Packers chapter from the 2023 Football Preview, and don’t forget, the 2024 Preview is on sale NOW!

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