Sharp Angles Podcast: Best Ball Draft Strategy

On the latest edition of the Sharp Angles Podcast, Rich Hribar and Tod Burros discussed best ball strategy for the 2024 NFL season.

Tod hit on why taking a quarterback and the top two pass catchers in a single offense might make sense in some circumstances.

In general, it is negative EV to take the first two options in a passing game along with the quarterback.

History has shown that it is is less than ideal, but that does not mean you never do it.

It comes down to how much does it cost.

So if I take Drake London, who’s in the second round, because Kirk Cousins is so cheap, I might be willing to do a couple with Kyle Pitts in the sixth or seventh round.

Then you get Cousins in the 12th, and the three of them are priced not too bad.

With someone like, C.J. Stroud, I’m only gonna take one of his options.

I’m not gonna burn a second, a third, and a fifth to get that stack. I would rather just maybe come back with Dalton Schultz late.

I am more interested in when it’s not too expensive.

The guys also hit on Weeks 16 & 17 strategy and much more. Listen below!