Sharp Angles Podcast: 2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings

The 2024 NFL Draft is in the books, and Rich Hribar’s 2024 Dynasty Rookie Rankings are live for every Sharp Football Draft Kit subscriber.

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Rich joined Raymond Summerlin on the latest Sharp Angles Podcast and discussed Brian Thomas‘ fantasy upside vs. Xavier Worthy.

If Thomas hits his apex outcome, it’s just gonna be, no pun intended, it’s just going to be worth more than than Worthy.

So that’s all it is. I had these guys pre-draft in the same tier, so it’s just splitting hairs and just what archetype of receiver Thomas is and what that can mean for fantasy football versus Worthy, who did have the most optimal outcome he could have had in the NFL Draft but we’re still gonna have to do a little bit of wondering is there going to be development for him.

He is the fastest wide receiver in this class, but he was not good on any downfield targets in college. Now he’s going to be playing with Patrick Mahomes, we’ll see how that turns around, but like he was a guy that they kind of spoon-fed targets and year one has a lot of overlap to where right now Rasheed Rice is, pending what kind of games he’s going to miss, and Travis Kelce in this offense.

Those are the two guys that command those types of targets in this offense and both were huge target earners last year, and then he’s going to have Marquise Brown now in contention for these targets that are 10 yards plus downfield, which he already wasn’t good on in college. 

But if you did take him 1.04, I do think that from a 2024 perspective, if you’re just looking at it like, “Hey I need points in 2024,” Worthy would probably be your better bet between the two.

Just long big picture dynasty wise, I use the archetype of the receiver to define the difference.

The guys also discussed Brock Bowers, how to approach SuperFlex drafts, and much more.