Sharp Angles Podcast: 2024 NFL Draft Recap

Ryan McCrystal and Rich Hribar joined Raymond Summerlin to wrap up the 2023 NFL Draft on the latest edition of the Sharp Angles Podcast.

Ryan and Rich discussed a somewhat odd draft for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Rich: “You take Jermaine Burton, obviously a guy comes with off-field issues. There seems to be a consensus that he was better than his performance in that offense, but it still is a high volatile pick, he doesn’t really offer any objective signal that he is gonna hit in the NFL. And you take Erick All, another guy who has like a mountain of injury history. I know it’s Iowa tight end, but very boom bust feels like draft for the Bengals.”

Ryan: “They had a strange draft. I mean I I like some of the players they added, but looking at the types of players they added that some of them are developmental guys and the positions where they added them, I can’t point to someone and be like he’s going to help them get back to the playoffs and contend for a Super Bowl this year.

I’m not sure any of them are clearly going to do that this season now, even Amarius Mims, who I I like a lot. I had him pretty high on my board. I I think he’s either the left or right tackle of the future for them probably for a long time, but he’s probably not starting this year unless it’s due to an injury.

Same thing with Kris Jenkins. I think he’s probably starting next year, but I think they have some guys ahead of him on the depth chart right now and so

Burton is probably the guy with the easiest path to playing time, but like you said he wasn’t very good at Alabama despite the raw talent and the recruiting profile that he had.

I also think one of the reasons why they probably gambled on him was they feel well we’ve got Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, and Tee Higgins. We’ve got a lot of leaders who’ve been there for a while, we’ll figure it out. My response to that is he played for Nick Saban and he didn’t figure it out so I got some doubts.”

The guys also discussed the biggest winners and losers from the 2024 NFL Draft and much more.