Sports Info Solutions (SIS) brings you the second annual edition of The SIS Football Rookie Handbook, with scouting reports and statistical breakdowns on over 280 college football players who are likely to be drafted or signed as rookie free agents in 2020 (a glossary for the below stats can be found here). New features for this year include unique and informative NFL team pages, research deep-dives by the SIS R&D team, and—for the first time ever—the NCAA version of their flagship football statistic, Total Points

For our second center preview, we will look at Tyler Biadasz. A brief explanation of our center grading scale can be found in our preview of Cesar Ruiz from earlier this week.

Tyler Biadasz: C Rank 2 of 9 | Final Grade: 6.7

Report by Jeremy Percy

One Liner 

Biadasz is a three-year starter for Wisconsin who covers most of the requisite intellectual, technical and physical traits needed to become a high-level starting center in the NFL.


Biadasz is a center in Wisconsin’s run-heavy, mixed scheme offense. After his redshirt year, he started all 41 career games at center. He has a stout build but still moves well into the second and third levels. He’s an active communicator, serves as the anchor of a top offensive line unit, has never missed a start, and has a great overall feel for the game.

Pass Game 

In the pass game, Biadasz wins with pre-snap communication, reactive athleticism, grip strength, and awareness. He can be seen pointing out front-seven movement before every play and is clearly the protection setter of their offense. He displays very good awareness to pick up stunts and blitzes along the interior. He does a good job of looking for work in the pass game and helping his teammates, but he doesn’t pack the expected punch at contact. He has a strong anchor and good ankle and hip flexibility to sit with strong form against power. He tends to play too far over his toes in all areas, leaving him open to pull moves and whiffs. His best quality as a pass blocker is his nuanced hand use, which is especially important due to his short arms. He gives up his chest often, but he adjusts and recovers very well with placement, grip strength, and advanced hand-fighting techniques.

Run Game 

Biadasz is your typical Wisconsin mauler in the run game, largely due to his heavy hands and effort. His overextension tendencies and occasional narrow base lead to balance issues and missed attempts off the snap. However, he usually plays with powerful footwork to plant and drive with active, choppy steps. He doesn’t consistently move defenders with first contact, but he gets his hands inside quickly and latches on with great sustainability. He has good torque in his hips to roll through contact. Biadasz works well on combination blocks and knows when to chip and move to the second level. He flows well in zone but also pulls naturally from the center position and has good range outside the tackles, showing fluid movement skills and impressive athleticism. He is prone to finishing with tenacity and is a rugged competitor who fights to win every rep.

Last Word 

Biadasz is a very smart, experienced, and tough football player with high-quality leadership traits. He projects as a very solid starting center in the NFL in any scheme due to his athleticism, hip flexibility, strength to drive, and versatility to pull. He has an advanced understanding of trench warfare and his toughness will make for an easy transition.

Advanced, heavy hand useBalance and overextension
Sustain and hip torqueShort arms
Football intelligence

Critical Factors

Reactive Athleticism6
Anchor/Play Strength6
Body Control5

Positional Factors

Run Block6
Pass Block6
2nd Level6
Hand Use7


PenaltiesBlown Block Splits
YearGGSHoldingFalse StartRunPressureSackTotal

Team Stats

Zone Run BlockingGap Run BlockingPass Block
Year% of RunsY/APos%% of RunsY/APos%Pressure%

Deep Dive

Blown Block %When Running to his GapTotal Points