Consultant for NFL teams and pro bettors.Capable of moving betting lines with releases.Owner of the most useful visualized data site,and the go-to resource for NFL totalsfor fantasy and prop betting.

Consultant for NFL teamsand pro bettors.Capable of movingbetting lines with releases.Owner of the most usefulvisualized data site,and the go-to resourcefor NFL totals for fantasy
and prop betting.

Who is Warren Sharp?

Warren has always been an athlete, reaching as high as pre-Olympic performance. But his talents in sport extended even further at a different level.

Instead of becoming a professional athlete, he chose to study athletes and their sports. He studied Civil Engineering at a top university. After graduating, Warren earned his professional engineering license while working for Big Five and Big Four accounting firms.

Using his passion for sports, and his education in engineering, he developed a computer program to predict outcomes of NFL games and pinpoint “value” in betting lines.

Taking a deeper dive into NFL analytics, Warren launched Sharp Football Stats to share visualized play-by-play data with the world. He began writing and publishing his Season Preview book series. His analysis was being discussed by major networks, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC.

By the end of the 2018 season, Warren was working directly with NFL teams.

Today, Warren continues to empower teams and bettors with a winning edge through his insights and guidance. Now you can access that edge through Sharp Football Analysis. Warren isn’t finished learning or growing, but he wants to share what he has learned with you as a client and help you turn a profit along the way.