• Deep, analytics-based research
  • Incorporating proprietary, customized metrics
  • Blending play-by-play and charting data
  • Similar to analysis shared with NFL teams

Warren has spent decades researching and analyzing the NFL. He incorporates detailed modeling of play-by-play data and customized charting data in order to uncover the latest NFL trends and insights. Many NFL teams devote resources to researching league-wide efficiencies and strategies that other teams are incorporating, and much of this analysis is similar to that which Warren uncovers and shares.

“This has become a crowded field, but no one presents it better, and breaks down what it means better than Warren” – Joe Banner, longtime Eagles President and former Browns CEO


Now, Warren has teamed up with multiple creative minds that love researching the NFL as much as he does. This research provides actionable takeaways on a weekly basis to assist with deeper understanding of the teams and trends, as well as for use in betting, prop betting and fantasy football.

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