You’re probably hearing great things about Warren Sharp’s 2023 Football Preview book, but are curious as to what a team chapter actually looks like and how predictive and helpful it would be heading into next season.

How nice would it be to see some chapters from last year’s book to give you an idea? We’ve got you covered.

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Heading into the 2022 season, the Green Bay Packers were on a streak no team in NFL history had been on.

The Packers had won 13 games for 3 straight seasons (13-3 in 2019, 13-3 in 2020, 13-4 in 2021).

They were the ONLY team in NFL HISTORY to win 13+ games for three straight seasons.

Last July, even after losing Davante Adams to the Raiders, they were co-favorites to win the NFC Conference.

Additionally, they were projected to win 11 games in 2022, which was two fewer than they actually won the prior three years and would have been the most in the NFC.

Sportsbooks and linemakers last summer had them favored in 13 games.

The market was bullish on the 2022 Packers.

Warren Sharp was not.

Warren wrote extensively about his concerns for the Packers last summer in his 2022 Football Preview book:

  • Fearful of the absence of Davante Adams
  • Predicted drop in first down passing efficiency
  • Predicted a drop in third down efficiency
  • Concerned about the schedule

You can read Warren’s detailed team chapter preview of the 2022 Green Bay Packers from last year’s book to see exactly what he predicted and what occurred.

» Download the 2022 Packers Team Chapter

So enough with the summarizing, dive right into this exclusive sneak peak of the Packers chapter from the 2022 Football Preview, and don’t forget, the 2023 Preview is on sale NOW!

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