With the fifth pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa Career Statistics


Tua has a resume of multiple seasons of performance at a high level and a young age. At almost a year and a half younger than the No. 1 selection in the draft in Joe Burrow, Tagovailoa ranks in the 99th percentile in career yards per attempt (10.9) and TD/INT ratio (7.9:1) among all quarterbacks in my prospect model dating back to the 2000 season. 

The one thing that has shown true for quarterbacks as they transition to the NFL is that if you have issues in the accuracy and making mistakes departments, you are likely to maintain those shortcomings. Accuracy and decision making is the strength of Tua’s game

In a number years, Tua would have been a slam dunk to go No. 1 overall. But Burrow’s 2019 season showcased his ceiling while there are potential medical issues for Tagovailoa after his 2019 season was cut short due to a significant hip injury. Those potential injury concerns Tua has enters the league and the potential limitations on his short term availability and potential risk down the line, is why he was selected after Burrow.

Landing in Miami, Tagovailoa inherits a supporting cast that is a far cry from what he is accustomed to. Miami had the league’s worst offensive line in 2019, the league’s least productive backfield and a shallow receiving group. Miami has a ton of draft capital to add to Tua in this draft, so look for them to add weapons around him immediately. The Dolphins will likely slow play Tua’s start given his injury and Ryan Fitzpatrick in place to bridge the gap, but once Tagovailoa is ready and cleared to play, he should find the field quickly.