The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview by Rich Hribar, breaking down everything you need to know for the Week 5 San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers Sunday afternoon game.

San FranciscoRank@CarolinaRank
22.25Implied Total17.25
11.51Points All./Gm21.313
61.511Opp. Plays/Gm69.530
5.515Off. Yards/Play4.927
3.81Def. Yards/Play59
41.46%16Opp. Rush %47.12%26
58.54%17Opp. Pass %52.88%7
  • 40.9% of the drives against the 49ers have been three plays and then punt, the highest rate in the league. The league average is 19.8%.
  • San Francisco is the only team in the league that has yet to allow a touchdown in the first half this season. Opponents have failed to reach the end zone on 22 first half possessions.
  • The Panthers have scored a touchdown on 6-of-46 (13.0%) drives, tied with the Steelers for the lowest rate in the league.
  • Carolina is averaging 4.7 plays per possession, the fewest in the league.
  • The Panthers are averaging 4.8 red zone plays per game, the fewest in the league.
  • Carolina has run a total of four plays inside of the opponent’s 10-yard line, the fewest in the league.
  • 21.1% of the Carolina passing plays have resulted in a first down or touchdown, 31st in the league.


Jimmy Garoppolo: Garoppolo has been the QB30 (8.4 points) and the QB18 (13.9 points) in his two starts., Those starts have come against the Broncos and Rams, but things do not get that much stronger for Garoppolo as a 2QB option here.

Carolina is 11th in passing points allowed per attempt (0.35) while allowing 6.3 yards per pass attempt (seventh). They do not have the strongest resume to date facing Jacoby Brissett, Daniel Jones, Jameis Winston, and Kyler Murray, but Garoppolo keeps the company of the front three passers there for fantasy.

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