The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview by Rich Hribar, breaking down everything you need to know for the Week 5 Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Sunday Night Football game.

22.75Implied Total25.75
17.58Points All./Gm2523
6420Opp. Plays/Gm68.328
4.829Off. Yards/Play6.24
5.111Def. Yards/Play6.229
35.55%5Opp. Rush %32.23%2
64.45%28Opp. Pass %67.77%31
  • The Bengals are allowing 1.34 points per possession, second in the league.
  • 25% of the scoring plays (4-of-16) against the Bengals have been touchdowns, the lowest rate in the league. League average is 59.9%.
  • The Ravens have trailed for 8.7% of their offensive snaps, the lowest rate in the league.
  • 61.8% of the rushing yardage gained by Baltimore has come on gains of 10 or more yards, the second highest rate in the league.
  • 24.0% of the rushing yardage gained by Cincinnati has come on gains of 10 or more yards, the lowest rate in the league.
  • 16.2% of the Cincinnati rushing attempts have resulted in a first down or touchdown, the lowest rate in the league.
  • The Bengals are 10th in the NFL in first down rushing rate (55.3%) but rank dead last in yards per carry on first down runs (3.0 YPC).
  • Baltimore is averaging 98.0 fewer passing yards per game than their opponent, the worst differential in the league.


Joe Burrow: Burrow is coming off a season-high 9.3 yards per pass attempt last Thursday. Closing as the QB10 (20.1 points), it was his third top-12 scoring week to open the year. 

Burrow wrecked the Ravens for 416 and 525 passing yards in 2021 with seven passing touchdowns. Baltimore blitzed Burrow on 32.6% of his dropbacks, in which he went 21-of-28 for 386 yards (13.8 Y/A) with three touchdowns.

The Ravens have moving parts defensively with a new defensive coordinator, but still have had their own set of issues to open the 2022 season.

Baltimore is allowing 7.4 yards per pass attempt (22nd), 11.5 yards per completion (21st), and 17.6 passing points per game (26th) through four weeks. Only three teams have allowed more completions of 20-plus yards on the year.

The Ravens have utilized Cover-2 on just 8.6% of passing plays (22nd) with Cover-4/Cover-6 looks on 24.3% (15th), so we will see if they calibrate and combat the Bengals like most of the league has to open the year. 

Burrow has faced Cover-2 on a league-high 29.7% of his pass plays but has seen Cover-3 (the coverage the Ravens have played the most to this point) on 17.9% of his pass plays, 31st in the league. Burrow is averaging 8.9 Y/A against Cover-3 to open the season as opposed to 6.3 Y/A versus those two-high safety looks (which he also has not thrown a touchdown pass against). Five of Burrow’s eight touchdowns have come against man coverage. The Ravens have used man coverage on just 28.6% of passing snaps, but that also is the 13th-highest rate in the league.

The implied team total here is suspect, but there a plenty of potential fireworks in this game to lock Burrow in as QB1

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