The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview by Rich Hribar, breaking down everything you need to know for the Week 3 Jacksonville Jaguars at Los Angeles Chargers Sunday afternoon game.

JacksonvilleRank@LA ChargersRank
20.5Implied Total27.5
145Points All./Gm2321
5910Opp. Plays/Gm555
5.511Off. Yards/Play5.415
5.213Def. Yards/Play5.821
34.75%9Opp. Rush %28.18%2
65.25%24Opp. Pass %71.82%31
  • 10.7% of the Chargers’ plays on first down have resulted in a first down or touchdown, the lowest rate in the league. League rate is 20.2%.
  • The Chargers have just 12 rushing yards gained on explosive carries, the fewest in the league through two weeks.
  • The Jaguars are first in the league in success rate allowed per rushing play (27.8%).
  • 10.3% of the rushing attempts against the Chargers have resulted in a first down or a touchdown, the lowest rate in the league. League average is 25.8%.
  • The Jaguars are first in the league in turnover differential (+5) after ranking dead last in 2021 (-20).

Trust = spike production for that player


Chase Daniel: It looks like Justin Herbert and the Chargers are going to take things down to the last minute in determining his status for Sunday. If Herbert plays, I am playing him. If you can, pick up potential options such as Marcus Mariota, Jimmy Garoppolo, Daniel Jones, Cooper Rush, and even Daniel as fall back options if Herbert cannot play.

Daniel has started just five games over his 13-year career, averaging 220.6 yards per game, throwing six touchdowns to four interceptions. Daniel has finished higher than QB16 in just one of those starts.

The Jags got a gift last week facing a Colts team playing with major absences in their receiving room and may dodge not only Herbert here, but also Keenan Allen.

They were lit up by Carson Wentz in Week 1 for 27.7 points a year after they were 27th in expected points allowed as a pass defense a year ago, allowing a 69.4% completion rate (31st), 7.6 Y/A (26th), and 0.46 points per pass attempt (26th).

Daniel can be picked up to hold for Herbert gamers in hopes he can play on Sunday, but in a vacuum Daniel is only a 2QB option looking for floor production.

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