Welcome to Week 2 of The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview, by Rich Hribar.

Hopefully, everyone had a great Week 1 and started the new season off on the right foot. The first week of this new season was shrouded in ambiguity. There were some tackling issues and some sketchy offensive line performances, but for the most part, we saw some solid offensive production. 

Things are still far too early in development to just run wild with what happened in one week as something that will be continuing this season. Major grains of salt still need to be applied when taking an evidence-based approach this early in the year. For the most part, early on we are focusing on initial usage notes to grasp onto moving forward, If you have been following this post for the past few seasons, tangible information builds up and this post expands with information.

This article will be updated throughout the week to reflect major news or injury implications. I encourage that you use the game by game tables and data points here in conjunction with the player rankings that will be available every week this season each Wednesday and enjoy the games.

Click the matchups below for the individual game previews.

Week 2 Matchups

CIN at CLE: Thursday, Sept 17 – 8:20pm ET
ATL at DAL: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
CAR at TB: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
NYG at CHI: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
SF at NYJ: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
DET at GB: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
JAX at TEN: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
LAR at PHI: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
BUF at MIA: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
MIN at IND: Sunday, Sept 20 – 1pm ET
DEN at PIT: Sunday, Sept 20, – 1pm ET
WFT at ARI: Sunday, Sept 20 – 4:05pm ET
BAL at HOU: Sunday, Sept 20 – 4:25pm ET
KC at LAC: Sunday, Sept 20 – 4:25pm ET
NE at SEA: Sunday, Sept 20 – 8:20pm ET
NO at LVR: Monday, Sept 21 – 8:15pm ET