The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview by Rich Hribar, breaking down everything you need to know for the Week 12 Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon game.

LA RamsRank@Green BayRank
23.3Implied Total24.3
22.715Points All./Gm19.55
65.826Opp. Plays/Gm61.39
6.23Off. Yards/Play5.518
5.36Def. Yards/Play5.13
39.51%9Opp. Rush %39.17%8
60.49%24Opp. Pass %60.83%25
  • Matthew Stafford is second in the league in passing points per attempt (0.554) while Aaron Rodgers is fourth (0.545).
  • 77.1% of the scoring plays against the Packers have been touchdowns, the highest rate in the league.
  • 20.5% of the offensive snaps for the Rams have come inside of the red zone, the highest rate in the league.
  • The Packers are fourth in the league at 17.9%.
  • The Rams have the highest passing rate inside of the 10-yard line (64.7%) and inside of the 5-yard line (65.5%).

Trust = spike production for that player


Matthew Stafford: Stafford hit the bye week playing two of his worst games of the season, passing for 6.1 yards per attempt and 5.9 Y/A against the Titans and 49ers. The Rams had their bye week to recalibrate and account for the changes in personnel among their pass catchers. Stafford was a top-six scorer in five of his previous six games, so there’s room to give benefit of the doubt that the Rams can get things right. 

Coming out the bye, they will face a defense led by Joe Barry, who was with the Rams the previous four seasons and was with Washington the two years prior to that when Sean McVay was the offensive coordinator there. If there is someone familiar with McVay’s approach, Barry is as good of bet as anyone.

The Titans and 49ers were able to disrupt the Rams with pressure as Stafford was 6-of-18 passing for 2.1 Y/A under pressure in those games while taking seven sacks. Green Bay is 22nd in pressure rate (23.0%). 

There is shootout potential here just as there was with the Vikings and Packers last week. The Barry/McVay dynamic adds an extra wrinkle, but I would go back to Stafford as a QB1 option out of the bye. 

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