The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview by Rich Hribar, breaking down everything you need to know for the Week 2 Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Sunday afternoon game.

16.75Implied Total26.75
2012Points All./Gm178
9031Opp. Plays/Gm491
4.428Off. Yards/Play6.84
215.7Def. Yards/Play125.2
42.22%20Opp. Rush %38.78%13
57.78%13Opp. Pass %61.22%20
  • The Broncos are 15-3 (10-5-3 ATS) at home over the opening two weeks of the season since 2008.
  • The Texans averaged a league-low 2.5 yards per first down rush in Week 1.
  • Houston averaged just 2.0 yards per play on third down, 29th in the league in Week 1.
  • Houston ran 15 third down plays, 28th in the league in Week 1.
  • Davis Mills was 5-of-11 (45.5%) for 27 yards (2.5 Y/A) on third downs as opposed to 18-of-26 (69.2%) for 213 yards (8.2 Y/A) on all other downs.

Trust = spike production for that player


Russell Wilson (TRUST): Wilson didn’t quite get there last week as the QB14 (17.8 points), but all of his peripheral stats were sensational. Wilson was third in passing yardage and ninth in yards per pass attempt in Week 1, he just ran cold in cashing out scoring opportunities.

We were waiting to see what this offense would like in Denver, and for one week it largely looked like a typical Wilson-led offense. Wilson was 26th in rate of throws inside of the hashes (3.6%), 33rd in rate of throws inside of the numbers (25.0%), while ranking second in rate of throws outside of the numbers and ninth in deep passing rate (14.3%). 

While Wilson still lacked throws over the middle of the field and did some big game hunting as always, there was some marriage in taking more layups to tight ends and check downs as Wilson’s average depth of target (6.6 yards) was 23rd among passers in Week 1.

In his first home start, Wilson will draw a Houston defense that allowed the 11th highest EPA per dropback in Week 1. Attached to a large team total at home, go right back to Wilson as a QB1.

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