The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview by Rich Hribar, breaking down everything you need to know for the Week 5 Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon game.

18.75Implied Total25.75
23.317Points All./Gm16.84
7131Opp. Plays/Gm63.318
5.123Off. Yards/Play5.418
5.822Def. Yards/Play5.213
47.89%30Opp. Rush %40.71%13
52.11%3Opp. Pass %59.29%20
  • Houston is averaging 4.9 offensive plays per drive, ahead of only the Panthers (4.7).
  • The Texans are averaging 77.0 fewer rushing yards per game than their opponent, the worst differential in the league.
  • Houston has allowed 372 yards on carries of 10 yards or more, the highest rate in the league.
  • 31.8% of the rushing plays for Jacksonville have failed to gain yardage, the highest rate in the league.
  • 22.2% of the completions against Houston have gained 20 or more yards, the highest rate in the league.

Trust = spike production for that player


Trevor Lawrence (TRUST): After two strong weeks, we were questioning if the Jaguars and Lawrence were making a leap. Instead, they were wiped out by the rain and the Eagles defense last weekend. Ball security, pass protection, and accuracy were all issues for this passing game in sloppy conditions. Lawrence completed just 11-of-23 passes (47.8%) for 174 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. To add insult to injury, Lawrence took four sacks, fumbling four times, losing all of them. 

Lawrence and the Jaguars will quickly look to wipe that performance away against a Houston defense that is playing a combination of Cover-3, Cover-2, or man coverage on 82% of their passing snaps. Lawrence against those coverages is eighth in EPA per dropback while averaging 8.1 yards per attempt (12th). Where Lawrence has had his issues early in 2022 is against Cover-4 and Cover-6. Houston is 25th in the usage of those looks (14.2%). 

Houston has gotten off to a light start of passing opponents, but as we saw in allowing 340 yards and 8.7 Y/A to Justin Herbert a week ago, this is still a defense that has a ways to go.

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