Week 3 is in the books, and leagues are almost a quarter of the way through the regular season. Luckily, there were fewer injuries with a fantasy impact, so I will discuss my process a bit more this week.

It’s not time to panic if a fantasy team is struggling, as there remains a lot of the season to turn it around. With three data points in the books, we can make better assumptions about teams moving forward.

Teams like the Jaguars and Bengals are likely to show improvement in terms of fantasy points. However, a team like Atlanta will likely continue to be a place where top-10 draft picks go to be fantasy underperformers because of the overall offense.

When drafting and picking up players off waivers, I prioritize talent, offensive meta (run/pass + pace), quarterback, offensive line, and defense.

The Chargers are a team that fits those five categories very nicely in terms of what makes up a good fantasy environment plus their home games are indoors. I will be more aggressive bidding on players from a team like this (except Joshua Kelley, who I thought was overvalued after Week 1).

As the season moves on, I continue to rank each team in terms of fantasy relevance and use this when bidding. I’m going to pay attention when the Chargers have a wide receiver No. 2 spot open and, at the same time, I’m not paying attention to who the Bears’ second wide receiver is.

Moving forward, we want to prioritize a good fantasy environment because quite honestly players on the waiver wire (excluding rookies) are lower on the talent level.

FAAB bids for high-stakes leagues are based on a $1,000 budget. Bids for home league are given as a percentage of budget.

Best Quarterback Waiver Wire Pickups

C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans

84% rostered FFPC
FAAB Bid: 10-25

Stroud is the early leader in the rookie offensive player of the year race. The disastrous situation surrounding the offensive line has created a solid fantasy environment for the Texans. Running the ball has not been successful, and unlike the Buccaneers, the new offensive coordinator has adapted. Stroud is averaging over 40 passing attempts per game and over 300 yards per game passing and has done it without an interception. Stroud is averaging 10 rushing yards per game, not elite numbers but he’s not a statue, and I do think he has potential to increase this. Great start to his career, real life and fantasy football wise.

Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints

0% rostered FFPC
FAAB Bid: 1-5

If fantasy points were awarded for great interviews or workout videos, he’s the first overall pick. The injury to Derek Carr provides Winston (who is one of the top-32 quarterbacks in the NFL) with the opportunity to show the rest of the league that he should be a starting quarterback on a weekly basis. Winston has talented receivers, a motivated pass-catching running back, and should be able to produce decent offensive numbers with the Saints. If I were a New York Jets fan, I’d pay particular attention to his game this week.

Home League Waiver Pickups of the Week

C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans

71% rostered Yahoo
FAAB Bid: 2-5%

See above, but Stroud is close to reaching the should be rostered even in shallow leagues status. He is my vote for early season bright spot player.

Best Running Back Waiver Wire Pickups

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