The End (Game) is Near.

The fact that you are scouring the Week 11 waiver wire is a good sign your teams are at least still competing. 

If you are trying to catch your opponents and get into the playoffs via points, you may consider altering your strategy and adding risk.

The “cash-game” high floor, low ceiling types will unlikely be enough to help you bridge that points gap. Embrace your inner GPP roster. Start those spikey “let-down/blow up” guys and cross your fingers you get the latter. 

Be sure to have your “Championship” roster completed before your league’s waivers wire goes on lock-down for the big money playoffs. Consider adding handcuffs wherever you can afford to stash them. 

Look ahead and try to forecast which NFL teams will possibly be shutting it down and giving their backups more run. It could be the teams who have locked up home-field advantage or possibly teams doing so poorly that there is nothing left to play for but getting a preseason-like look at how their depth performs under the bright lights. Which players may inherit this newly found playing time?  

Will teams be stealth-tanking late in order to secure a top draft pick? Is it possible to capitalize on this?

Pairing two kickers (and even two defenses) becomes an option for maximizing matchups post-roster-lock, as well as allows you to absorb the rare late-season injury to a kicker. It happens. 

Adding a second (or even third) quarterback after riding solo all season is a must. 

Look ahead toward plus matchups and try (when possible) to avoid bad weather. 

Believe me, I know how hard it is to cut players you have fallen in love with, but how many times did these end-of-bench types actually make it into your starting lineup, and how did they perform when called upon? 

Many leagues freeze out all skill position players that are cut from Week 10 on, so be sure not to cut a player with the intention of buying them back. At the same time, you can rest easy, knowing the players you cut from here on out will never come back to bite you.

If you do see them return, and on your opponent’s roster, it means the regular season has died, and your team is in playoff heaven.

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