The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the relentless whining.

We’ve reached peak CHANGETHERULES.SZN

Every year right about now, folks are clearing the sleep from their eyes and realizing the heart-break loss they thought was last night’s dream was in fact reality.

“You mean to tell me that my 10-1 team that led the league in points will be playing for nothing in the This Game Doesn’t Matter Bowl?” “I couldn’t care less about my free-ticket to Lotto Land, my team was by far the best, and now I’m not even playing for a cash prize after my second loss of the season?”

Ah poor Rules, I still love ya.

I find the whining to be a nice indicator of competitive passion, and passion a nice indicator of what is needed as the foundation for longevity in our sport. 

Like pulling apart the “neck” of a blown-up balloon, and slowly letting the air whine its way out, this is a healthy response to a hard-fought defeat.  

Let it out. 

Let it all out.

Note: With mid-stakes leagues now entering either their first or second playoff round, all non-playoff teams have been locked out of waiver access, skewing the ownership numbers to the point of irrelevance. I will use them for reference, but no longer list them.

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