2019 Futures Package

2019 Futures Package

price: $59.99/yr


Last year, this NFL Futures package went 14-4-1 (78%) for +8.65 units of profit. It covers regular season win totals, division/playoff futures and playoff props, and is only available during the preseason. We will send out multiple “waves” of futures over the next few weeks. To get this package for 50% off, purchase any regular season betting package and receive a coupon code for use on this futures package.


*Early Bird*

2019 NFL Props Regular Season Package

early bird price: $119 $99/yr


Finding the sweet spot between value and investment opportunities

Warren has assembled a unique team of prop experts. He’s combined experts in the public domain with proven track records, with individuals who work solely as prop experts for private betting groups. The end result is targeted value coupled with long-shot props that exceed expectations.


  • Access to T.A. Cleveland’s NFL props recommendations, which are backed by his lifetime 57% ATS win rate in the Supercontest and documented success in prop recommendations online.
  • Access to recommendations of an expert hailing from a prominent betting group who specializes exclusively in NFL props, and who has never had a losing season.


  • Recommendations are generally released on game-day with advanced warning (see below).
  • Many recommendations will contain a brief synopsis of the logic used in the selection.
  • Timer Release: Plays released using “state of the art” countdown technology: Advanced notices via email, countdown timer on website + auto-email delivery of all plays


“If you’re looking to get a leg up on the soft NFL prop market, you won’t get more value for your investment than with the prop experts I’ve assembled.”Warren Sharp