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Warren Sharp’s Book: 2020 Football Preview

5-time Amazon Bestseller in Football and Gambling categories!

*Simply the best analytical 2020 football preview you can buy*

Welcome to previewing the NFL through a lens you’ve never witnessed before. Warren Sharp’s 350-page full color PDF, the 2020 Football Preview, is unlike anything you have seen before. Stunning visualizations, including new heat maps, are built with the reader in mind.  Innovative, next level thought process abounds in every team chapter and article.

This book shares insights into the players, coaches, teams and philosophies with one goal in mind: to get you prepared for the 2020 season by delivering the smartest information in the fastest, most direct way possible for optimal reviewing and retention. Including:

  • ► Team Chapters previews are in-depth, data driven & full of actionable info
  • ► Fantasy Football player profiles, predictions and ranks
  • ► Vegas Odds forecast team wins, division rankings, lines for all 2020 games
  • ► Coaching strategic advice for teams, play calling analysis & team tendencies
  • ► Front Office Analysis positional spending, roster construction & cap analysis 

Find out why pro bettors, linemakers and pro-DFS players view this season preview as indispensable. It’s a must have if you want to bet on the 2020 Pro Football season. This preview incredibly combines evergreen philosophical “football” analysis you would find in a reference book with immediate, relevant predictions for the 2020 season.

If you’ve already purchased the PDF, you can download the PDF via your Dashboard.


”There are so many preseason NFL previews available that offer fans insight into the season, however, few dig as deep as Warren’s, with a unique view of what really matters during the season. Sharp’s detailed approach is a must read for any football fan–and it’s one of my main summer reads.” – Michael Lombardi, 3-time Super Bowl Champion, working with Bill Belichick, Bill Walsh & Al Davis


”Warren’s preview exemplifies the use of analytics and information in a way that should be interesting to any fan. It is more in depth than many teams in the NFL are using today. Every GM and coach would serve themselves well to read the analysis of their team. They would both learn something and immediately appreciate the benefit of the information. No one presents it better, and breaks down what it means better than Warren.” – Joe Banner, Longtime Philadelphia Eagles President


”Warren’s dedication and acumen for analyzing football is clearly evident. This book is completely unlike anything I’ve read in a preview before. His ability to approach the game logically, analytically and in a predictive manner sets him apart from the crowd. I have no doubt after reading this preview you will be far more prepared for your fantasy drafts and just football in general. If you’re a NFL fan of any kind, I cannot recommend this preview enough.” – Evan Silva, fantasy expert, Establish the Run


”This book breaks down each team by every category imaginable and describes exactly what they did in every situation. If you coach any level of football, from youth to the NFL, you will assuredly receive valuable information. You won’t want to put it down.”– Kevin Kelley, Head Football Coach & 7-time State Champion at Pulaski Academy

If you’ve already purchased the PDF, you can download the PDF via your Dashboard.