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Simply the best, analytical 2017 football preview you can buy.  Welcome to previewing the NFL through a lens you've never witnessed before. Warren Sharp's 236-page full color 2017 Football Preview is unlike anything you have seen before. Stunning visualizations built with the reader in mind and innovative, next level thought process abound in every team chapter and article. This book shares insights into the players, coaches, teams and philosophies with one goal in mind: to get you prepared for the 2017 season by delivering the smartest information in the fastest, most direct way possible for optimal reviewing and retention.

Every key element you would want to study is included, such as Fantasy Football (player profiles, ranks & visualizations), Vegas Odds (forecast team wins, division rankings, lines for all 2017 games), Coaching (strategic advice for teams, real vs optimal play calling analysis & uncovering team tendencies) and Front Office Analysis (positional spending, roster construction & cap analysis). Team chapters are detailed and intelligently organized for a massive revolution in reader understanding and information retention.  Warren believes the best way to be successful in fantasy football or betting is to do the opposite of most other publications. There is an industry rush to dive head first into player rankings & projections. Warren starts with fundamental discussion of the game, the teams, their coaching strategy and the players. He then analyzes their strengths and weaknesses with visualizations and data to support the narrative. Using that framework, Warren constructs projections and outlook. By previewing the NFL season in this manner, the reader walks away with much more than ever envisioned or delivered in a season preview.  

2016 Memberships:



Individual Vegas Weekend Pass - NFL and CFB - Week 12 - 2017 Season

This package gets you ALL NFL and CFB recommendations issued for Week 12.  Not every game day will have a selection, but every selection will be yours with this package.   Recommendations are released using state of the art countdown timer technology and are displayed on the website as well as emailed at release (and preceded by a pre-release announcement to notify you prior to the release).
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-Pay Nothing for 6 Months- 2017 Combo Package Deal: NFL + College Football


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-Home of 61% NFL Computer Totals over 10 Years (455-297) inc. 67% in 2016, 72% in 2015 & 61% in 2014.

Everything from the 2016 NFL Regular Season Package (See Details Below)
Everything from the 2016 College Football Regular Season Totals Package (See Details Below)

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-Pay Nothing for 6 Months- 2017 NFL Regular Season Package

-Pay NOTHING now, pay only AFTER the 2017 Season!  Select "Bill Me Later - PayPal Credit" when you checkout!

-Home of 61% NFL Computer Totals over 11 Years (455-297) inc. 67% in 2016, 72% in 2015 & 61% in 2014.

The 2017 NFL Regular Season Package includes in-depth weekly analysis and recommended buys thru the end of the Regular Season.  Access to the most detailed write-ups each week, featuring quantitative analysis, visualizations and custom advanced metrics.  And access to information and recommendations provided to multiple syndicated betting groups who move on the very same games you'll get to move on.

What to Expect:

  • Increased use of Advanced Analytics  - Warren's write-ups are unlike anything you'll find anywhere in the industry, but this year he'll be sharing the most futuristic & original information. If you are looking for cutting edge quantitative analytics which truly are the most valuable for NFL forecasting, and destroy dinosaur services who care about total yards, yds/game, etc, you are at the right spot.  And unlike most other services, with in depth writeups, Warren shares this info weekly.
  • Computer Totals Algorithm - Warren's totals system has won 61% of releases from 2006 thru 2016, with an overall 455-297 record, OVER 150 games over 500.  
  • Early Down Success Rate Model - Warren built this model after 3 yrs of back testing, This model takes advantage of new rules and the new style of the NFL, and is incorporated into Warren's recommendations. Warren shares client-only infographics from this model in many write-ups.
  • "Vegas Shark Tank Podcast" - featuring Bill "Krackman" Krackomberger, legendary Vegas sports better with extremely deep connections, sharing sharp/square sides and personal bets & predictions virtually every single Sunday morning.  You won't find Krackman give weekly recommendations on game day anywhere else.  Access the sharpest inside information hours before kickoff.


  • Totals Tuesday - Recommendations begin getting released early in the week - WE set the market, we don't let others set it for us.  We beat the closing number in totals over 70% of the time!  Not every game is released on Tuesday, but our week starts Tuesday morning, and recommendations are released thru the week and up to, and including, Sunday morning.
  • Plays released using "state of the art" countdown technology:  Advanced notices via Email/Twitter, Countdown Timer on website + auto-email delivery of all plays
  • Most detailed, helpful and insightful writeups, featuring advanced statistical discussion and sharing incredible trends that you'll be able to track and learn from.


  • 11 Consecutive NFL Winning Seasons!
  • Zero losing NFL seasons since inception!
  • Overall NFL Record:  11 Years, 11 Winning Seasons, 1165 Wins, 59% Overall, +266 Units at 1 Unit/Bet (including juice)
  • All NFL Overs Plays, 78% lifetime 62 W, 18 L
  • All NFL Totals Plays, 61% lifetime 455 W, 227 L
  • All NFL Personal Plays, 57% lifetime 549 W, 406 L
Don't miss out on the 2017 NFL Season as Warren goes for his 12th straight winning season for his clients! 

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-Pay Nothing for 6 Months- 2017 College Football Regular Season Totals Package

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The 2017 CFB Regular Season Package Package includes every single Regular Season CFB Totals recommendation.

In the first 6 seasons of College Totals, Warren's record has been nothing short of phenomenal:

* 59 winning weeks, 25 losing weeks
   (70% winning weeks)
* 647-527 (55%) overall and 120 games over .500
* 5 Winning Seasons, 1 Losing Season
* In total units, clients have won 92 Units wagering an average of 0.8 units/game.

What to Expect:

  • Recommendations run all the way thru the final week of the regular season.  Warren doesn't stop issuing plays mid way thru the season like other college totals services.
  • Totals releases will be pre-announced via email & Twitter, with the plays released at the time indicated in the announcement.
  • College Football Totals will generally be released on Friday PM or Saturday AM, and will begin mid-late September.  Stand alone games (Wed thru Fri) will be released on the day of the game.
  • Service starts approximately week 4 of the CFB season.

If you want this package for ONLY $7.70 PER WEEK, add it to the NFL Package and purchase the Combo Package Deal: NFL + College Football.

Remember, check out and choose "Paypal Credit" and pay NOTHING until February 2018!
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