The 2024 NFL Draft is now in the rearview mirror, so it is time to turn our attention to the 2025 class.

It is almost impossible to create accurate player/team matches this far in advance, so don’t get too caught up in arguing whether your team would select this prospect over that prospect. Instead, this mock draft should be treated like a watch list.

In some order, these are the 32 players I feel have the best chance to come off the board in the first round next April.

The draft order is based on the current 2024 Super Bowl odds.

All stats are from the Sports Info Solutions Data Hub. 

Early 2025 NFL Mock Draft

1PanthersMykel WilliamsEDGEGeorgiaJr
2PatriotsWill CampbellOTLSUJr
3TitansTetairoa McMillanWRArizonaJr
4BroncosJames Pearce Jr.EDGETennesseeJr
5RaidersJalen MilroeQBAlabamarJr
6GiantsMason GrahamDLMichiganJr
7CommandersAbdul CarterLBPenn StateJr
8CardinalsLuther Burden IIIWRMissouriJr
9SaintsNic ScourtonEDGETexas A&MJr
10VikingsHarold Perkins Jr.LBLSUJr
11BuccaneersTacario DavisCBArizonaJr
12SeahawksCarson BeckQBGeorgiarSr
13ColtsBenjamin MorrisonCBNotre DameJr
14SteelersWill JohnsonCBMichiganJr
15JaguarsWyatt MilumOTWest VirginiaSr
16BrownsDeone WalkerDLKentuckyJr
17RamsFernando CarmonaOTArkansasrJr
18BearsPatrick PaytonEDGEFlorida StateSr
19ChargersPrincely UmanmielenEDGEOle MissrSr
20FalconsTravis HunterCBColoradoJr
21DolphinsAndrew MukubaSTexasSr
22JetsQuinn EwersQBTexasrJr
23PackersBear AlexanderDLUSCJr
24CowboysAshton JeantyRBBoise StateJr
25EaglesKelvin BanksOLTexasJr
26TexansAzareye'h ThomasCBFlorida StateJr
27BengalsJack SawyerEDGEOhio StateSr
28BillsTory HortonWRColorado StaterSr
29LionsEarnest Greene IIIOLGeorgiarSo
30RavensRicky WhiteWRUNLVrSr
3149ersEmery JonesOTLSUJr
32ChiefsDani Dennis-SuttonEDGEPenn StateJr

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1. Carolina Panthers, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Mykel Williams, EDGE, Georgia

Maybe someone will rise up the ranks during the year, but as of now, there isn’t a quarterback worthy of the No. 1 selection. We’ll learn a lot more about Williams this year as he steps into a larger role, but he blends power and speed as well as anyone in college football 一 an impressive statement about someone who was still a teenager last season. 

Key stat to know about Mykel Williams:

Generated a 15.1% pressure rate when lined up on the edge and a 9.1% pressure rate when lined up on the interior. 

2. New England Patriots, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Will Campbell, OT, LSU

Campbell was a four-star prospect in the class of 2022 and immediately took over the left tackle job at LSU. The 6-foot-6 lineman would be a great fit in New England, protecting Drake Maye’s blind side. 

Key stat to know about Will Campbell:

Allowed a blown-block rate of 3.5% when the quarterback took a traditional dropback (three or more steps), the fourth lowest rate among SEC offensive tackles. 

3. Tennessee Titans, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Tetairoa McMillan, WR, Arizona

McMillan is a 6-foot-4 outside weapon who reportedly hit 22 mph last year in practice. If he builds upon his breakout 2023 campaign, he will likely be next year’s class’s most coveted offensive weapon. 

Key stat to know about Tetairoa McMillan:

Based on route-adjusted data, he generated a catch rate 13.6% above expected on explosive routes (routes that produce an average of 20 yards or more per reception). 

4. Denver Broncos, Top Draft Pick Prediction: James Pearce Jr, EDGE, Tennessee

Pearce is an athletic weapon on the edge who wins with pure speed but will need to continue adding weight and strength to unlock his full potential. 

Key stat to know about James Pearce Jr:

When lined up on the edge, Pearce generated a 22.4% pressure rate, ranked second among Power Five edge-rushers behind the Colts’ recent first-round pick Laiatu Latu

5. Las Vegas Raiders, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Jalen Milroe, QB, Alabama

The 2025 quarterback class is tough to figure out. No one looks like a first-round pick right now, but we will undoubtedly see some guys develop. Milroe is as good a bet as any given his athleticism and downfield passing ability. He also gets to work with new head coach Kalen DeBoer, who turned his last two quarterbacks into draft picks (Jake Haener and Michael Penix Jr.). 

Key stat to know about Jalen Milroe:

Ranked third out of 14 SEC quarterbacks in on-target rate on throws of 20 or more yards. 

6. New York Giants, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Mason Graham, DL, Michigan

Graham is an athletic interior defensive lineman who was arguably the best all-around defender for Michigan’s championship squad as a true sophomore. 

Key stat to know about Mason Graham:

Ranked 12th among Power Five interior pass-rushers with a 9.3% pressure rate. 

7. Washington Commanders, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Abdul Carter, LB, Penn State

Carter is Penn State’s latest hybrid linebacker/edge rusher, so prepare yourself for a year of Micah Parsons comparisons.  

Key stat to know about Abdul Carter:

Blitzed on 30% of his snaps against the pass last year, generating a 28% pressure rate. 

8. Arizona Cardinals, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Luther Burden III, WR, Missouri

Burden is next year’s version of Malik Nabers. Though he lacks ideal size, he can stretch the field with his speed and is a weapon after the catch. 

Key stat to know about Luther Burden III:

Generated 18% more yards after catch than expected based on route-adjusted data.

9. New Orleans Saints, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Nic Scourton, EDGE, Texas A&M

Scourton wins with a blend of power and speed and terrorizes opponents with a nasty spin move. He’s entering his first year at Texas A&M after a dominant season as a true sophomore at Purdue. 

Key stat to know about Nic Scourton:

Generated a 16% pressure rate in five games against opponents ranked in the top 50 of pressure rate allowed.  

10. Minnesota Vikings, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Harold Perkins Jr, LB, LSU

At 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, Perkins is built like an off-ball linebacker, which isn’t a typical top-10 pick in this era of football. However, he’s such a dangerous weapon when used as a pass-rusher that a blitz-heavy team is going to value his skill set. 

Key stat to know about Harold Perkins Jr:

Blitzed on 34% of his snaps against the pass, generating a 17.2% pressure rate. 

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Tacario Davis, CB, Arizona

Davis has rare size for the position (he’s listed as 6-foot-4), and he consistently uses it to get his hands on the ball in coverage. 

Key stat to know about Tacario Davis:

Generated a ball-hawk rate 94% above expected based on route-adjusted data. 

12. Seattle Seahawks, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Carson Beck, QB, Georgia

Beck doesn’t have the athletic traits most teams are looking for in a quarterback these days, but he’s a poised pocket passer with a strong arm who could excel if surrounded by the right weapons to suit his strengths. 

Key stat to know about Carson Beck:

Generated a 59.4% completion rate on throws 15 or more yards downfield, one of only two SEC quarterbacks above 50% (Jayden Daniels). 

13. Indianapolis Colts, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Benjamin Morrison, CB, Notre Dame

Morrison won a starting job as a true freshman in 2022 and has been on the rise ever since. He wins with athletic traits and could elevate his stock further by becoming more physical in coverage.

Key stat to know about Benjamin Morrison:

Allowed three receptions when targeted in coverage at 10 or more yards downfield.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Will Johnson, CB, Michigan

Johnson’s size and athleticism set an exciting ceiling, but his production was inconsistent during his first full year as a starter in 2023.

Key stat to know about Will Johnson:

Generated a ball-hawk rate 7.2% above expected based on route-adjusted data. 

15. Jacksonville Jaguars, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Wyatt Milum, OT, West Virginia

The 6-foot-6 Milum already has 32 starts under his belt, spending the last two seasons as West Virginia’s left tackle. Others might have more exciting traits, but Milum is as polished as any lineman in the 2025 class. 

Key stat to know about Wyatt Milum:

West Virginia averaged 2.9 yards before contact when running to Milum’s gap and 2.0 yards before contact on all other rush attempts. 

16. Cleveland Browns, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Deone Walker, DL, Kentucky

The 348-pound Walker falls into the Vita Vea or Dontari Poe category of guys who shouldn’t be able to move this well at that size. Though he can certainly play the role of a traditional space-eating nose tackle, Walker also makes a significant impact as a pass-rusher. 

Key stat to know about Deone Walker:

Generated a 9.9% pressure rate when lined up on the interior defensive line, ranked second in the SEC. 

17. Los Angeles Rams, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Fernando Carmona Jr, OT, Arkansas

Carmona spent the last two years as San Jose State’s starting left tackle. If he maintains his dominance in the SEC, he’ll continue his ascent up draft boards. 

Key stat to know about Fernando Carmona Jr:

Allowed a 2.7% blown block rate when quarterbacks took a traditional dropback, the lowest rate among Mountain West left tackles. 

18. Chicago Bears, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Patrick Payton, EDGE, Florida State

Payton needs to elevate his game to another level to justify this spot, but few players can match his combination of length and athleticism. He joined Florida State as a 205-point linebacker, so the maturation process has been ongoing, and he might be ready to break out this fall. 

Key stat to know about Patrick Payton:

Generated a 13.7% pressure rate when lined up on the edge. 

19. Los Angeles Chargers, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Princely Umanmielen, EDGE, Ole Miss

Umanmielen surprisingly chose to stay in college for a fifth year, while transferring from Florida to Ole Miss, despite posting dominant numbers over the last few seasons. He was even in last year’s way-too-early mock draft

Key stat to know about Princely Umanmielen:

Generated a 20% pressure rate when lined up on the edge, sixth among Power Five pass rushers. 

20. Atlanta Falcons, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Travis Hunter, CB, Colorado

Hunter plays cornerback and receiver at Colorado, but his NFL future is likely on the defensive side of the ball. He’s still developing, but he’s already able to use his size and receiver skills to demonstrate ball-hawk production. 

Key stat to know about Travis Hunter:

Allowed a catch rate 8.4% below expected based on route-adjusted data. 

21. Miami Dolphins, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Andrew Mukuba, S, Texas

Mukaba took the field as a starter on opening weekend as a true freshman in 2021, an impressive feat at a program stacked with defensive talent. He played all over the Clemson secondary for two years, primarily in the slot, before landing at Texas this offseason.

Key stat to know about Andrew Mukuba:

Allowed six receptions for 77 yards on 22 targets in coverage while lined up in the slot. 

22. New York Jets, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Quinn Ewers, QB, Texas

Ewers made significant progress from his first to second year at Texas, and we should bet on Steve Sarkisian developing him further. Sarkisian has had nine primary quarterbacks throughout his coaching career. Six landed in the first round of the NFL draft.  

Key stat to know about Quinn Ewers:

Ranked second in Big 12 with a 60.5% on-target rate on throws 15 or more yards downfield.

23. Green Bay Packers, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Bear Alexander, DL, USC

Alexander, a transfer from Georgia, frequently lined up at nose tackle for USC last season but also played some three-tech where he flashed exciting pass-rush potential.   

Key stat to know about Bear Alexander:

Generated a 12.5% pressure rate when lined up in the three-technique position. 

24. Dallas Cowboys, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Ashton Jeanty, RB, Boise State

It’s hard to avoid a Doug Martin comparison given Jeanty’s blend of power and speed in a compact build. Just call him Muscle Hamster 2.0.    

Key stat to know about Ashton Jeanty:

Generated 33% more yards than expected when accounting for defenders in the box and the inside/outside direction of the run. 

25. Philadelphia Eagles, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Kelvin Banks, OL, Texas

Banks took over the left tackle job at Texas as a true freshman and has held down that spot for two seasons. It’s unclear if he can stick at tackle in the pros. He might be more valued for his power on the interior.    

Key stat to know about Kelvin Banks:

Allowed a 2.9% blown block rate on traditional dropbacks, ranked fifth among Big 12 left tackles. 

26. Houston Texans, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Azareye’h Thomas, CB, Florida State

Thomas has not yet been a full time starter, but the former four-star prospect has impressive size and was dominant in a significant role last season. 

Key stat to know about Azareye’h Thomas:

Allowed a catch rate 29% below expected based on route-adjusted data. 

27. Cincinnati Bengals, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Jack Sawyer, EDGE, Ohio State

Sawyer plays with a blend of speed and power that likely would have put him in the first-round conversation in 2024, but he was among the group of Buckeyes who surprisingly elected to return to school. 

Key stat to know about Jack Sawyer:

Generated a 14% pressure rate when quarterbacks took a traditional dropback. 

28. Buffalo Bills, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Tory Horton, WR, Colorado State

Horton’s decision to return to school was shocking considering his impressive body of work at Nevada and Colorado State. With a special blend of size and speed, he affects the game at all levels. 

Key stat to know about Tory Horton:

Generated a catch rate 15% above expected based on route-adjusted data. 

29. Detroit Lions, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Earnest Greene III, OL, Georgia

Greene, a former four-star prospect, took over the left tackle job as a redshirt freshman last year, though he may have a higher ceiling at guard due to his size and strength. 

Key stat to know about Earnest Greene III:

Allowed a 5.0% blown block rate when the quarterback took a traditional dropback. 

30. Baltimore Ravens, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Ricky White, WR, UNLV

White started his career at Michigan State and spent the last two years at UNLV, where he had a breakout performance in 2023. He can stretch the field while also operating as a YAC weapon on shorter routes. 

Key stat to know about Ricky White:

Caught 94% of his on-target opportunities at 15 or more yards downfield, which ranked eighth out of 89 qualifying FBS receivers. 

31. San Francisco 49ers, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Emery Jones, OT, LSU

Jones took over the right tackle job in his second career game as a true freshman in 2023, and his stock has been on the rise ever since.  

Key stat to know about Emery Jones:

Allowed a 3.2% pressure rate when the quarterback took a traditional dropback. 

32. Kansas City Chiefs, Top Draft Pick Prediction: Dani Dennis-Sutton, EDGE, Penn State

Dennis-Sutton played a significant role in the Penn State defensive line rotation last year, though 2024 will be his first season as a full-time starter. He’s already made his mark as a pass rusher, with high expectations entering his true junior year. 

Key stat to know about Dani Dennis-Sutton:

Generated a 13.4% pressure rate when lined up on the edge.