I just released the 2017 Football Preview on Amazon yesterday.  This has been my entire life since the Super Bowl.  In fact, I’ve spent more days on this than there are in the 2017 season.  This dwarfs the 150-page 2016 Football Preview.  This is 236-pages, in full color, with 32 team chapters and many articles featuring research-level analysis.  It’s not a magazine, it’s more like a reference book, but it’s built with the reader in mind.  Full of easy to read & review narratives, articles, infographics and data.  This is absolutely unlike any other preview you have bought in the past or might buy this season.

Check out the detailed write-up of what you’ll see inside this Preview!

Below is one chapter, chosen by a NFL fan, and the first person on Twitter to ask for a sample.  As you can imagine, he wanted the Eagles chapter.  There are 31 more chapters.  And in depth articles on a number of different subjects.

Warren Sharp’s 2017 Football Preview – Eagles Chapter

So you’ve now seen 6 of the 236 pages.  I hope you check it out, and I also hope that after you do, you give it a review on Amazon.  Given I see just $0.62 per copy, the only way this will offset the time investment is via spreading the word on Twitter to promote purchases, and strong, helpful reviews on Amazon.  If you like original, hard work which is objective, useful and guaranteed to teach you something while preparing you for the season, please help spread the word!

Here’s the cover and what some in the industry have said about the Preview:

Cover 6-26-2017


And with free 2-day shipping, go get your copy NOW!


It’s risen to the #1 New Release in the Football Category

Photo Jun 29, 9 00 36 AM

And it’s leapfrogged Tim Tebow on the overall Best Seller’s list to the #2 position

Photo Jun 28, 10 10 40 PM