We’ve released the eigth of multiple waves of NFL futures plays as part of the 2023 NFL Futures Package from Warren Sharp & Sharp Football Analysis

Over the last 5 seasons, our futures package has compiled a 54-25-1 (68.4%) record on non-longshot props and amassed +27.2 units of total profit.

Last year, this package went 17-5 (77.3%) including 10-3 (76.9%) in team futures and 7-2 (77.8%) in player futures.

Many NFL bookmakers have a variety of lines for these props, and many don’t study the NFL during the offseason nearly as much as we do at Sharp Football Analysis.

That opens a huge door of opportunity on which to capitalize. These NFL futures can be some of the most profitable wagers of the year.

What you need to know about the 2023 recommendations:

  • To get these Futures 25% off, buy an All-Access or betting package. You will receive a coupon code on the confirmation page after purchase for use on the Futures package.
  • We have multiple recommendations in each wave.
  • As soon as we see value on a new angle, we will add to this Futures article and alert the clients who purchased the Futures package.
  • Each of these Futures comes with a write-up, detailing our logic and thought process on the recommendations.
  • Once you subscribe to the Futures Package, you’ll get notified via email for every new wave of futures we release between now and the end of the season.

There should be careful consideration with this initial release of player and team futures. Since your money will be tied up for a full NFL season, each individual should determine to what extent they want to tie up their bankroll.

We have listed lines next to the selection that can be found across multiple locations, highlighting one sportsbook as an example.

It is very important to shop around to as many sportsbooks as possible to find the best line available.

Our listed unit sizes will help you understand the recommendations we are most confident in. You may not want to utilize this entire portfolio as it, in totality, has a substantial number of wagering options which totals to a large number of units.

Since money will be tied up for over a long period, not every individual will want to allocate to each selection. If your line differs too much from the released line, we suggest passing and taking the remaining wagering options.

Keep in mind that we will continue to release more futures plays throughout the preseason and regular season.

We will grade every one of these recommendations based on unit size and keep the record public, as we will do during the regular season for our in-season props package recommendations.

Note: These wagers and units are separate from the wagering scale Warren Sharp uses for his in-season betting package client recommendations.

Recommendations released on September 1, 2023:

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