Get the latest Super Bowl LVII betting odds and track movement for all teams during the 2022 NFL season.

Last year the Cincinnati Bengals started the year as complete longshots (+15000) and nearly pulled off a Super Bowl victory. Bettors will be eager to find this year’s version of the Bengals.

Below, we break down current and opening Super Bowl team odds, who is most likely to win, plus favorites, sleepers and best bets.

All betting lines are provided by BetMGM Sportsbook.

Odds to Win Super Bowl 57

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Biggest Movers in Super Bowl Odds

Recent News and Corresponding Change

Deshaun Watson suspension officially 11 games, Browns move from +2500 to +3000

Past News and Corresponding Change

  • Tyreek Hill traded to the Miami Dolphins (Mar 23)- Although odds did not shift immediately after Hill was acquired, the Dolphins Super Bowl LVII odds jumped from  +5000 to +4000
  • Tom Brady stole the show with an unretirement tweet (Mar. 13) and the Buccaneers Super Bowl LVII odds moved from +2200 to  +800.
  • The Denver Broncos Super Bowl LVII odds jumped from +2000 to +1200 after acquiring Russell Wilson (Mar. 8).
  • The Cleveland Browns moved from +3500 to +1600 after the Watson trade. If wanting to bet on the Browns the odds are likely to drop once a Watson suspension is announced (Mar. 18).  Mar. 30, odds have dropped to +1800 as Watson awaits potential league discipline.


Who is most likely to win Super Bowl LVII?

Currently, the Buffalo Bills +650 are the betting favorite to win Super Bowl LVII, with Tom Brady’s Buccaneers at +750 and the Kansas City Chiefs next at +900.

Favorites to win Super Bowl LVII

Buffalo Bills to win Super Bowl LVII +600
Josh Allen looked incredible during the playoffs and Bills faithful believe this is the team to beat. Free agency upgrades pushed the Bills up from +700.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win Super Bowl LVII +750
Tom Brady steals the headlines once again and The Buccaneers catapulted to the top of NFC Super Bowl LVII favorites.

Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVII +1000
Patrick Mahomes has reached four consecutive AFC Championship games as a starting quarterback, hard to believe the Chiefs are not Super Bowl LVII favorites.

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Sleeper Team Bets to win Super Bowl LVII

Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LVII +2800
As we learned with the Bengals last year, the road to Super Bowl begins with punching a ticket into the playoffs.

The Eagles have good offensive and defensive lines, a capable quarterback, and a solid game-planning head coach. In the weaker NFC the Eagles should make the playoffs once again, and once in anything can happen. The Eagles bolstered the offense with the acquisition of A.J. Brown at the draft.

Best Bet to win Super Bowl LVII

Los Angeles Chargers to win Super Bowl LVII +1400 
The Chargers have the luxury of an elite quarterback on a rookie contract, which has allowed the team to be aggressive in building the roster.

The additions on the defensive line and secondary combined with offensive continuity make the Chargers a legit threat to compete for Super Bowl LVII.

Free-agent acquisitions plus the addition of Khalil Mack, have moved the Chargers from +1800 to +1600.

This could be the year the Chargers not only meet but exceed expectations.

Previous Super Bowl Winners & Preseason Odds

  • 2021, Los Angeles Rams +1400
  • 2020, Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000
  • 2019, Kansas City Chiefs +600
  • 2018, New England Patriots +600
  • 2017 Philadelphia Eagles +4000

Betting Trends for Past Super Bowl Winners

  • The AFC has won 5 of the last 8 Super Bowls
  • The AFC’s top seed has advanced to the Super Bowl in 6 of the last 9 seasons
  • The AFC’s no. 2 seed has advanced in 2 of the last 4 seasons
  • 5 of the last 9 NFC teams to play in the Super Bowl were the top seed in the conference
  • The NFC West has sent a team to the Super Bowl in six of the last ten years

When Should you bet on the Super Bowl LVII Winner?

If you’re betting on Super Bowl LVII favorites, you should place bets closer to the start of the season — that way you’ll keep funds in your account for an extra couple of months or possibly use a risk-free bet which does not tie up cash for months.

Identify teams that could have volatility in their odds with a single trade or signing, take a chance on those teams, and gain closing line value.

When placing a future bet like the Super Bowl LVII winner an important concept to understand is the time value of money. The concept that money is worth more now than the same sum will be worth in the future due to its earning potential in the interim.

Wagering now comes at an opportunity cost as the Super Bowl LVII bet will not be graded until February 2023 tying up funds wagered for nearly 10 months.

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