Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Warren Sharp’s rest disparity analysis of the 2024 NFL Schedule. Click here to read the full article.

The Ravens are at +16 days of net rest edge.

That is the #1 largest net rest edge in my database’s history, which dates back 35 years to 1990.

The Ravens’ net rest edge is the largest in modern NFL history, and I’d venture to guess full NFL history as well.

They play an NFL-high five games with more rest than their opponent.

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Of those five games, four are meaningful as they come with at least three days more rest than their opponent, and many have that extra rest late in the season:

  • Week 2 vs. the Raiders (+3 days)
  • Week 11 vs. the Steelers (+3 days)
  • Week 15 vs. the Giants (+7 days)
  • Week 18 vs. the Browns (+4 days)

John Harbaugh‘s Ravens are 21-5 (81%) since he became coach with a rest edge of three days or greater, the #1 best record in the NFL during that span (since 2008).

Since 2017, the Ravens are 10-1 (91%) with a 3+ day rest edge, #1 in the NFL.

What helps the Ravens even more is when you compare them to the rest of the AFC North.

AFC North Net Rest Edge:

  • +16: Ravens
  • +2: Browns, Steelers
  • -2: Bengals

Looking only at AFC North games, the Ravens stand out as the only team with a positive net rest edge:

  • +6: Ravens
  • 0: Bengals
  • -2: Steelers
  • -4: Browns