Teaser bets are a fun way to get involved in betting. Every week during the NFL season, our experts will give you the teams that make the most sense to put into teaser bets.

What is a teaser bet?

A teaser bet is a wager that allows the bettor to move the line by a certain number of points to an alternate spread. Sportsbooks require bettors to combine two or more bets on teasers, making it a modified parlay bet.

The most common teaser is a six-point teaser, and the standard payout for a two-leg, six-point teaser is -120. The odds improve as more legs are added, but so does the risk.

The odds vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, and the rules on how pushes are handled also vary. Be sure to check the specific odds and rules for your sportsbook and shop around.

Teaser bet example:

A bettor is interested in both the Chiefs at -7 and the Bills at -10, but they are not sure about those large spreads. They put together a six-point teaser bet, moving the Chiefs to -1 and Bills to -4. If both the Chiefs (-1) and Bills (-4) cover the lower spreads, the teaser bet wins.

Best strategy to win NFL teasers bets:

Always cross a key number when teasing the spread, primarily focusing on 3 points and 7 points, and specifically look for teasers that cross both 3 and 7.

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Below are the Week 14 NFL teams that fit the best strategy for 6-point teaser bets. You would combine two or more of these alternate spreads to form a teaser bet.

Best NFL Week 14 Teaser Bet Options:

TeamOpponentSpreadAlternate Spread

Week 14 NFL Teaser Pick:

  • 49ers -4.5
  • Bucs +7.5

If you combined the 49ers and Bucs alternate spreads for this 6-point teaser bet, the odds would be -120. If you wagered $100 on this, you’d win $183.30 ($83.30 profit).

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What is an alternate spread bet?

An alternate spread is a custom line that is either higher or lower than the official line on a game. The bet offers either improved or worse odds depending on how the line is moved. Unlike a teaser, alternate spreads can be bet individually.