With Super Bowl 57 fast approaching sportsbooks odds for Super Bowl MVP have started to heat up. We’ll be tracking current Super Bowl MVP odds throughout the playoffs.

Odds provided by BetMGM Sportsbook, updated on February 8th.

Super Bowl MVP Favorites:

Based on current betting odds, the favorites to win the Super Bowl 57 MVP are Jalen Hurts & Patrick Mahomes, both tied at +135, followed by:

  • Travis Kelce +1100
  • AJ Brown +1400
  • DeVonta Smith: +3000
  • Miles Sanders: +3000
  • Haason Reddick: +3000

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Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds

PlayerCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Jalen Hurts+135+650
Patrick Mahomes+135+400
Travis Kelce+1100+2800
AJ Brown+1400+20000
Devonta Smith+2500+20000
Miles Sanders+3000+22000
DeVonta Smith+3000+35000
Haason Reddick+3000+35000

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Super Bowl MVP Predictions:

The first edge you can gain when betting on the Super Bowl MVP is to choose a player from the winning team: just once in the Super Bowl’s history has a player won the MVP award while on the losing team, with the exception being Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley back in 1971.

  • In the Super Bowl’s 56-year history, 47 different players have been named MVP of the game.
  • Offensive players have won the Super Bowl MVP 46 times (82.1%).
  • The Super MVP has gone to quarterbacks 31 times (55.3%).
  • Wide receivers have won the Super Bowl MVP 8 times, with Cooper Kupp winning last year.
  • Running backs have won the Super Bowl MVP 6 times, but not since Terrell Davis in 1998.
  • Over the past 11 years, only 4 non-quarterbacks have won the award: Cooper Kupp, Julian Edelman, Von Miller & Malcom Smith.
  • Just two offensive players (Edelman in 2019 & Deion Branch in 2005) have won the award without scoring a touchdown in the game.
  • No tight end has ever won the Super Bowl MVP.

Past Super Bowl MVP Winners

YearSuper Bowl MVP
2023Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City
2022Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams
2021Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay
2020Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City
2019Julian Edelman, WR, New England
2018Nick Foles, QB, Philadelphia
2017Tom Brady, QB, New England
2016Von Miller, LB, Denver
2015Tom Brady, QB, New England
2014Malcolm Smith, LB, Seattle
2013Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore
2012Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants
2011Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay
2010Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans
2009Santonio Holmes, WR, Pittsburgh
2008Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants
2007Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis
2006Hines Ward, WR, Pittsburgh
2005Deion Branch, WR, New England
2004Tom Brady, QB, New England
2003Dexter Jackson, CB, Tampa Bay
2002Tom Brady, QB, New England
2001Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore
2000Kurt Warner, QB, St. Louis
1999John Elway, QB, Denver
1998Terrell Davis, RB, Denver
1997Desmond Howard, KR, Green Bay
1996Larry Brown, CB, Dallas
1995Steve Young, QB, San Francisco
1994Emmitt Smith, RB, Dallas
1993Troy Aikman, QB, Dallas
1992Mark Rypien, QB, Washington
1991Ottis Anderson, RB, New York Giants
1990Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco
1989Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco
1988Doug Williams, QB, Washington
1987Phil Simms, QB, New York Giants
1986Richard Dent, DE, Chicago
1985Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco
1984Marcus Allen, RB, Los Angeles Raiders
1983John Riggins, RB, Washington
1982Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco
1981Jim Plunkett, QB, Oakland
1980Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh

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