Warren Sharp’s new book, 2020 Football Preview, is now available for pre-sale.

At over 350 pages, this book is filled with all of the things you’ve become accustomed to: dedicated chapters for all 32 NFL teams, fantasy player predictions, Vegas odds with forecasted wins and lines, strategic advice for coaches, play-call analysis and team tendencies.

This year, we’ve added even more to the book with advanced stats and visuals such as EPA, Completion Percentage Over Expectation, and 2500+ heat maps. 

» You can pre-order the book today.

In preparation for the release, we’re also offering a free preview chapter featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers,so you can see firsthand what the book offers.

The free chapter details an in-depth look at what went into Pittsburgh’s season between bad quarterback play, stellar defense, and a lot of luck. An excerpt:

The Steelers also had a ton of luck. Specifically, fumble luck. Pittsburgh recovered 5.6 fumbles over expectation (FROE), which was the best in the NFL. While the Steelers fumbled 30 times on offense, they recovered 63% of those fumbles. They created 33 fumbles on defense, and recovered 54.5% of those. Stripping the ball can be a skill, but once that odd-shaped football starts bouncing on the carpet, a lot of luck gets involved in recovery. And the Steelers were the luckiest team in the NFL in that capacity.

They also had other things go their way. They were 4-0 when scoring a non-offensive touchdown, such as a defensive turnover for a touchdown or a punt/kick return. 

Pittsburgh was also the fourth-best team in field goal luck. While the kicking unit was great offensively (a skill) and made 94% of Field goals, the Steelers were fortunate that opponents only made 81% of field goals against them. It was the fourth-best net in the NFL. Compare to 2018, where they had the fourth-worst net in the NFL.

What are you waiting for? Download the free chapter today.