Early best ball tournaments have become increasingly popular as best ball’s growth continues to accelerate.

It is important to discuss the advantages that can be gained by embracing uncertainty since it is human nature to avoid what we do not understand.

Best Ball Fantasy Football: Everything You Need to Know

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Why We Should Embrace Uncertainty in Best Ball

Part of the answer lies in the nature of these big tournaments where the big money is all up top. Everyone is looking for leverage that will get them to the top of the leaderboard.

By embracing uncertainty rather than avoiding it, we can leverage those who do not project future landing spots for free agents and rookies as well as we can.

Making good assumptions about players vs. ADP can create huge advantages both in players who will rise and players who will fall.

Not everyone has success watching rookie tape and identifying talent, but I have had good success.

I “upped” my tape watching significantly this offseason, and if current ADP is a guide, have been able to gain leverage on the field by doing so.

If we are able to identify talent, we are able to gain leverage both through the players we take and those we don’t.

The goal is to be more right than wrong, but being afraid to try is as bad as being wrong because avoiding these players or wildly guessing is bound to be less effective overall.

All of the top best ball players have similar processes to try to gain leverage in early best ball tourneys.

We may not know who gets a good landing spot, but identifying players who are values and assuming correctly on landing spots is a way to gain leverage through uncertainty and leverage those who are too scared or too lazy to try.

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