What is best ball fantasy football?

Best ball is a fantasy football format where the best possible lineup is automatically selected for each team. At the end of the week, the highest-scoring players are automatically inserted into the starting lineup spots.

How does best ball fantasy football work?

There is no roster management in most formats. That means the team a manager drafts will be their team for the entire season. There is no need to worry about weekly waivers.

The most popular best ball contests are large tournaments.

In those contests, teams draft and compete in individual leagues. At the end of the regular season, usually 14 weeks, the top teams in each league advance to the knockout rounds.

Teams that survive until the final round compete for a large cash prize.

Why play best ball fantasy football?

Best ball fantasy football has become more popular in recent seasons for several reasons including easy roster management and the opportunity to utilize different strategies.

The set it and forget it nature of most best ball formats is appealing. There are no lineup decisions. There are no waiver decisions. There are no week-to-week responsibilities.

For people who love to draft but do not want to deal with hundreds of teams each week, best ball fantasy football offers a great experience.

The nature of best ball also leads to different strategies than traditional fantasy football formats.

Understanding the nuances of roster construction, the benefits of stacking, and the players that offer more value in best ball is critical to success.

Best Ball Fantasy Football Analysis & Insight:

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