The regular season is over, but the fantasy football fun continues into the NFL playoffs.

The DFS slate for Wild Card Weekend is broken up into two primary slates featuring the Saturday games and then the Sunday games.

Click here for the Sunday DFS Slate.

Saturday Wild Card Round DFS Picks


Joe Flacco $6,100

Flacco is the cheapest available quarterback, but he’s demonstrated the ability to hit the same ceiling as every other option. Frankly, he has done it more consistently. He also benefits from having depth at receiver to help spread roster percentages around and create more unique stacking options. In his five games with the Browns, he’s hit the 300-yard-bonus four times. He’s thrown multiple touchdowns in every game. He’s also turned the ball over at least once in every game, which leaves the door open to play both Flacco and the Texans defense.

Patrick Mahomes $7,100

Mahomes is going to be the highest-rostered quarterback by a wide margin. He’s also projected at least six points higher than the next-best QB. The interesting thing about Mahomes is that his ancillary receiving options will fly under the radar. Chiefs team stacks get sufficiently unique simply by either triple-stacking Mahomes or by creating a rule not to allow Travis Kelce and Rashee Rice in the same stack. C.J. Stroud and Tua Tagovailoa would be worthy considerations for the sake of being contrarian if they were not projected for more than a rushing touchdown less than Mahomes.

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Running Back

De’Von Achane $6,800

Achane, Devin Singletary, and Isiah Pacheco will all be relatively even in roster percentage, but Achane is the best bet for a ceiling performance. As the most expensive option, he also has the best chance of the three to come in lower than his projected roster percentage. His viability as the slate’s top running back hinges on the availability of Raheem Mostert. If Mostert is active, Singletary becomes the top pick.

Devin Singletary $5,700

Singletary offers a considerable discount from Achane and Pacheco but has arguably the highest ceiling in terms of yardage. He has hit the 100-yard-bonus three times, including a 150-yard performance in Week 9. He’s also quality leverage over C.J. Stroud, who did not make the player pool.

Kareem Hunt $4,700

Hunt is the most viable among the backup running backs. In his last active game, he saw 11 opportunities. He also scored a touchdown which was his third in four weeks. He’s expected to play roughly 40% of the snaps and would benefit from a pass-heavy game script.

Wide Receiver

Wide receiver is going to be the most difficult area to differentiate. Each team has a bonafide WR1 capable of a slate-breaking ceiling. The expensive receiver being played will be largely dependent on which game you elect to stack. Below are some of the less obvious options.

Elijah Moore $4,000

Moore was having a strong performance in Week 17 before a gruesome head injury knocked him out of the game. He sat out Week 18, as did the rest of the Browns, and now appears to be mispriced. Cooper and David Njoku will be the most popular stacking option. To differentiate, either add Moore for a triple stack or replace one of the more popular Browns receivers.

Justin Watson $3,400

The Chiefs wide receiver corps has been a disaster all season. They’re entering the Wild Card Round having still not figured out their rotation. While the snap shares are unreliable for this team, Watson seems to be Mahomes’ most trusted target outside of Rice and Kelce.

Jaylen Waddle $6,500

Waddle is mostly viable in large field tournaments where sub-optimal decisions will need to be made to differentiate. His price relative to Cooper’s will keep his roster percentage low. In lineups including Mahomes, Waddle makes sense both as leverage against Cooper and as a game-stack with Mahomes.

Tight End

Travis Kelce $6,100

Kelce is far too cheap relative to the receivers in his price range. He has had a down season but is capable of pulling everything together for the playoffs. Mahomes has relied on him heavily through many playoff runs, and this should be no different. He has the upside to see the most targets on the slate.

David Njoku $5,600

Njoku is averaging nine targets per game over Flacco’s five starts and has hit the 100-yard-bonus twice. Playing a tight end in the FLEX on a short slate is not a novel concept, but it typically requires one of the tight ends to be extremely cheap. Playing Njoku and Kelce together not only gives access to two of the best plays of the slate but also creates a unique lineup.

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Sunday Wild Card Round DFS Picks


Josh Allen will be the most rostered Quarterback on this slate, as he is on every slate. He’s also in the lowest game total against a team that shouldn’t be able to push the pace. Dak Prescott is just as likely to produce a ceiling performance, and Jared Goff is in the best game environment.

Jared Goff $6,200

Goff projects well from a point-per-dollar perspective, and he has a plethora of viable receivers to stack with. This is especially true if Sam LaPorta can suit up. Both Goff and Prescott are the most viable options in games with totals over 50. Goff happens to be the cheaper of the two and will carry a lower roster percentage.

Dak Prescott $7,600

Prescott is the best direct leverage to Allen, as he is just $400 less. He also has the benefit of passing to the league’s reception leader, CeeDee Lamb. It’s worth locking Lamb into every Prescott lineup while cycling through secondary options to double and triple stack with. Prescott, like Goff, has multiple ancillary options at receiver who will carry low roster percentages.

Running Back

Kyren Willams $7,300

DraftKings did a great job of pricing these backs on a slate where each team has at least one great option. Ideally, this would keep Williams’ roster percentage in check, but that’s unlikely. He’s had the league’s best workload all season and is in the slate’s best game environment. There are plenty of great pivots to keep Williams from being a lock, but his volume will be unrivaled.

Aaron Jones $6,300

Jones is averaging over 20 carries a game over the last 3 games. He’s also seen at least three targets in three of his last four starts. He’s also hit the 100-yard-bonus in each of his last three games. If this wasn’t enough, he’s also one of the cheapest of the starting backs.

James Cook $6,600

For Allen to not end up as the optimal quarterback, either the Steelers’ defense needs to limit him, or Cook needs to have a huge day on the ground. The latter is the more likely scenario. Cook will see somewhere around 20 opportunities and will ideally do most of his work on the ground as a 10-point home favorite.

Jamyr Gibbs $6,500

Gibbs doesn’t stand out due to his median projection, but he is the most likely to rival Williams’ ceiling. He breaks a long run in nearly every game. If he lands in the end zone, he has a great shot at being the position’s top scorer. He also stacks well as a receiving option for the slate’s best quarterback in Goff.

Wide Receiver

As with Saturday, the Sunday slate features some of the league’s top receivers. Which ones we play will largely depend on what game we are stacking. Below are some of the less obvious options.

Demarcus Robinson $3,600

Robinson caught a touchdown in every game from Week 12 through Week 16. In Week 17, he ended the touchdown streak but still caught 6-of-10 targets for 92 yards. He’s the best value play of the slate and is worthy of being included in most lineups, even with his massive roster percentage.

Jayden Reed $5,700

Reed has performed admirably as Jordan Love’s top target all season. He’s the most expensive Packers receiver, but he’s also a great value relative to the rest of the receivers on the slate. He has been targeted 12 times over the last two games, resulting in 10 catches for 201 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Jameson Williams $3,500

Williams is the best ancillary option for Goff stacks to keep the total roster percentage low. He’s managed to produce a chunk play in each of his last few starts. For large field tournaments, he’s the exact archetype we’re looking for in cheap receivers to stack with our quarterbacks.

George Pickens $5,200

Pickens is in a far worse game environment than Reed, and he has a worse quarterback throwing to him. That does not mean the two can’t be played together. With so many runningbacks in the $6,000 range, cheaper receivers will be essential. Pickens managed an incredible 326 yards over his first two starts with Mason Rudolph, but he did goose egg in the season finale.

Tight End

Jake Ferguson $4,700

Ferguson lands as the top option mostly due to his pairing with Prescott. Tight end is the only position on the slate that isn’t loaded. That makes it especially important to pair them with their quarterbacks. Ferguson’s yardage has been unimpressive, but he is averaging roughly eight targets per game over the last six games.

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