The Worksheet, a fantasy football overview by Rich Hribar, breaking down everything you need to know for the Week 12 Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team Monday Night Football game.

23.3Implied Total23.3
20.97Points All./Gm26.728
72.832Opp. Plays/Gm62.313
5.419Off. Yards/Play5.420
5.616Def. Yards/Play5.927
42.17%21Opp. Rush %38.36%6
57.83%12Opp. Pass %61.64%27
  • The Seahawks have run 60 offensive plays just twice this season. The Texans are the next closest team with four games while every other team has at least five or more games. 
  • Seattle is now averaging 17.8 fewer offensive plays per game than their opponent, the fewest in the league. The next closest team (Houston) is at -7.2 per game.
  • Russell Wilson is averaging 10.1 yards per pass attempt (first) on pass attempts on first down as opposed to 6.9 Y/A on all other downs (27th). That -3.2 Y/A difference is the largest among all quarterbacks in the league.
  • Wilson is last in the league in completion rate (35.1%) and first down rate (27.0%) on third downs this season.
  • Wilson has been sacked on 22.9% of his third down dropbacks, the highest rate in the league.
  • Taylor Heinicke leads the league in completion rate over expectation the past two weeks (+16.7%) after ranking 32nd prior (-0.8%).
  • Seattle is averaging 79.4 fewer passing yards per game than their opponent, the fewest in the league.

Trust = spike production for that player


Russell Wilson (TRUST): It has been a struggle for Wilson since returning from finger surgery, completing 50% and 53.8% of his passes the past two weeks with just 161 and 207 passing yards to go along with zero touchdown passes. It is the first time Wilson has failed to throw a touchdown pass in back-to-back games since the 2016 season. 

The Seattle offensive struggles were present before these past two weeks, this stretch has pushed things into DEFCON 1. 

Can we really trust anyone in this offense? Not really, but you couldn’t ask for a better potential slump-buster than drawing Washington, which is why I would leave this matchup as the final test for Wilson moving forward as a fantasy starter we can place faith in.

Washington has allowed seven QB1 scoring weeks this season (six in the top-five), are dead last in points allowed per pass attempt (0.54) and passing points allowed per game (19.6).

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