What a week of fantasy scoring! 

It felt like every league I’m in had at least one 200-point monster rear its ugly (or beautiful) head. Of course, the context of such beauty is derived from the team name attached.

Two weeks ago while watching the RedZone channel I decided to get into “fantasy football shape” by dropping down and doing 10 pushups for every touchdown I had a piece of. Mind you I’m in over 30 redraft/dynasty leagues, so it became a real challenge after a short while. I recall doing 120 pushups after my first 12 touchdowns, then I had to make it 5 pushups, as my arms were fried. After only getting to 130, I tapped out and switched to 10 air squats, and I believe I did 80 or more to finish the evening.

I quickly switched to air squats during the Thursday night game, after the first 10 pushups made it crystal clear how sore I was. Needless to say, after going full squat-mode this past Sunday, I’m feeling nice and tender all over.

Knowing my muscles are sore today due to my fantasy teams scoring boatloads of weekend touchdowns: Priceless!

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