As we head into the final stretch of fantasy draft season, we are highlighting the best and worst values in fantasy drafts. Yesterday, we covered the best values for 2020 drafts

To define the players that we are signaling as the worst values in drafts, we are not just going to simply craft a list based solely on subjective opinion, but to take our top-200 rankings in PPR formats from the 2020 Draft Central Hub and compare them to a top-300 player rankings list compiled from ADP from Yahoo, ESPN, CBS,, MyFantasyLeague and Fantrax leagues. That list covers all of the basic scoring formats in creating our master list. Then we are taking that master draft position and comparing it to our overall rankings to spot the biggest gaps in perceived value from our end compared to that average ADP.

This is not fully an AVOID list. By all means, if one of these players falls to the point where he is at the target value, then swing away. As usual, all leagues are different and every draft room will be unique. Using anything ADP related provides no guarantees that things will play out that way in your specific draft. The goal here is to spot the players we value below the general public. 

ADP Rounds 1-4

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