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Birthplace of the Sharpest Sports Betting Concepts in the World

Sharp Football Analysis incorporates so many sharp betting concepts into every NFL spread pick its no wonder the service is mentioned as one of the best handicappers available. From Sharp's computer totals delivering 58% wins over 10 years and 1,250 plays, to the detailed trend database which uncovers some of the most overlooked and invaluable trends ever researched, to the emotional and psychological angles that Sharp incorporates, there is no better and more complete resource than Sharp Football Analysis which is why Sharp is consistently beating NFL point spreads since 2005.

The Most Accurate NFL Totals System Ever Publicly Shared
Sharp spent years researching and mastering his NFL totals system and its track record is unprecedented. In an environment where hitting 55% for multiple seasons is viewed as a success, Sharp's totals system decimates the standards. The system features the single strongest play of any handicapper in business: the Computer Over, hitting an incredible 77% for 7 yrs. Sharp never created a fancy name for this play, like most handicappers do. But everyone knows and respects the strength of this must-have play. If you want to see these totals and beat the NFL spread pick Sharp Football Analysis.
The Most Sought After NFL Totals Handicapper
In a profession where so many handicappers try to diversify themselves to make the most money, most handicappers will attempt to sell plays for MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football and College Basketball, all while trying to cover NFL point spreads. Sharp specializes in the NFL and it's through the hours of work that he developed the winningest NFL totals system on the market. Many services have attempted to develop NFL totals, but none can even come close. Skeptics become believers and wiseguys load up on Sharp's totals releases, and you should too.
Winningest Computer Program Ever Developed: 8 Years, 1,300 Plays, 58% Wins
NFL point spreads are hard to beat. Wiseguys are happy hitting 55% over the long run because that turns into serious profit over years and years. Sharp didn't build his computer program to hit 55%, he built it to shatter any conceptions previously held of the best "target" win rate in the industry. After 5 years of testing, Sharp began using the program in 2006. Seven years worth of real predictions that produced real results later, and heading into 2013, the Winningest NFL Computer Program ever developed has won 60% of its games over 550 plays. Combined with CFB, the program has won 59% in over 1800 plays. Witness the system that covers more NFL point spreads than any on record.
The MUST-HAVE, HOTTEST New Service has the Pros Talking
When professional bettors rave about your service, you know you are doing something right. The highly respected forum leader and professional bettor known as "Members" had this to say about Sharp Football Analysis: "There are only a few Sports Betting services I have actually tried and STAYED with in the sports betting world. Although I would not like the "secret" to get out there, its eventually going to. If you are looking for the best NFL capper in the current market it's not close, Sharp Football Analysis."
To go with the 60% lifetime NFL computer totals and 59% lifetime CFB computer totals
The best handicappers hope to win each year. Sharp has never had a losing year. The best handicappers hope to hit 55%. The best handicappers are hesitant to guarantee anything because they only care about counting their money. Sharp is breaking down the barrier for the 4th straight year in 2012: To go with the 60% lifetime NFL computer totals and 57% lifetime CFB computer totals, Sharp is guaranteeing Personal Plays will BEAT 58% or your money back. The best handicappers have run away, they'd never guarantee to such an extent. Sharp Football Analysis is here to stay, and guarantees 58%

Welcome to the future of Football Handicapping, Sharp Football Analysis. Sharp is a professional NFL handicapper who is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with because of his uncanny ability to provide never before seen angles for bettors to win against the spread. Take a look around, feel free to have a seat, and get a glimpse into the eyes of one of the most prolific NFL handicapping analysts in the industry. Forget the hype, numbers tell the story, and the story is just beginning.
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"Birthplace of the Sharpest Sports Betting Concepts in the World"

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