We have built up a bit of a baseline for this season with our player tiers, rankings, and all of the other offseason content you can find in one place on the site

With that content in place to aid your knowledge in how to play the game of fantasy football, I also know some of you are here to see my copies of the homework assignment of fantasy football in 2021. 

I want to dive into how I am personally approaching drafts this year at each position this week. So far, we have laid out top-down approaches for the quarterback, running back, and wide receiver positions.  Today, it is all about the wide receivers.

A couple of quick reminders. These posts are more about a top-down approach to the position over individual player analysis. Although I will be highlighting an abundance of players, if you want the full rundown on their detailed outlooks, make sure to check out the writeups in the Tiers. I will also update this throughout the remaining time in the offseason if we get any significant news that impacts draft approaches.

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The tight end position in fantasy football is a unique spot for leagues that do not reward any special scoring for the position. Last season, tight end usage and production as a whole was up across the league, but the position itself offered us very few week-to-week starting options, leaving us with just a bunch of contributors instead of viable options. From that same post, top-12 scoring tight ends in 2020 produced their fewest amount of receptions (800) and yardage (9,090 yards) as a group since the 2017 season while TE1 options had their lowest share of receptions (32.5%) and PPR fantasy points (33.5%) at the position over the past decade.

That said, when we covered replacement value and position leverage, we showed that having a top tight end provides a significant positional leverage that has an even wider gap than running backs, albeit with a caveat of scoring fewer overall points. 


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